Transcription Jobs From Home for Beginners & Beyond

Where to Find Remote Transcription Jobs, Even if You Have No Experience

Transcription jobs are one the most popular and sought after work at home jobs available these days. Though I’ve never worked full-time in transcription or been “officially trained” in it – I have earned extra income when I needed it on sites like doing captioning. However, my best friend’s mom has been working at home professionally as a transcriptionist for years and years doing mainly medical transcription.

You can see – there is a wide difference between me, the untrained transcriptionist and someone that does it for a living, yet both of us were able to earn and work from home.

How Legitimate Are Transcription Jobs?

I get asked this a lot. And I have been researching work at home for over 20 years. I can tell you, absolutely, yes — transcription jobs are legitimate. Even my brief time doing captioning, though I was an independent contractor, working only when I wanted to – was legit. And of course, my friend’s mom had a full-time career as a transcriptionist. The company she worked for provides her with all the equipment she needs and she receives full-time benefits, including 401k and health insurance. All while working from home.

Don’t get me wrong though — there are for sure scams out there. As with any work at home job offers, you need to practice due diligence and never PAY to work for a transcription job. They should be paying YOU!

What Equipment or Training Does a Transcriptionist Need?

First things first. For most basic transcription and/or captioning — you’re not going to need any specialized training. Lots of practice, yes — but as long as you can type relatively fast, are a good listening and make few errors — you’ll be ok. On the flip side of that, due to the nature of legal transcription and medical transcription you’re probably going to need more specialized or advanced training. That’s because both have their own language, acronyms, regulations and more. But luckily you can find advanced training and schools aimed toward learning specific areas of transcription. Careerstep, has been around forever and they offer medical transcription courses that are self-paced and can be done online.

In regards to equipment, unless provided by the company — you’ll need to have a foot pedal and headset. Many experienced transcriptionists recommend, Express Scribe software. Express Scribe also offers transcription practice tests if you’d like to gauge your skill level before you invest a ton of money.

A suitable desk and computer chair will go a long way to easing stress on the body that comes with typing for long periods of time. You could also consider a standing desk too.

I couldn’t afford an expensive standing desk, but really wanted to be able to pop over to my laptop and do some work standing up. I ended up getting this affordable sit/stand desk converter and it has served me well.

Can I Set My Own Schedule?

Working for independent contractor sites like I did allowed me to work whenever I wanted. If I felt like logging in and there were jobs to bid on, even if it was 2am in the morning, I could certainly work at that time. But not all transcription jobs are going to be like that.

For the most part, many of the freelance, 1099 or independent contractor type jobs are going to allow more freedom. There will be deadlines of course, but you can figure out your own schedule to meet those deadlines.

If you work for say, a hospital or even a legal office — they are probably going to ask you work a more 9-5 type schedule. There might be some flex to those hours and every company and situation is going to be different. But I’m going to lean on the conservative side here and say that if you land an “employee” position in transcription — it’s probably going to be more set hours.

Best Website for Finding Transcription Jobs

1 888 Type It Up
– They offer work for experienced and inexperienced typists. Must pass their test. Minimal pay is $36hr!
Triple A Transcription
– Standard rate of $1.20 per audio minute of clear audio, with one to two speakers and a 24-36 hour turnaround time.
– Probably should be considered just an extra income earner. But, with that said — they are open worldwide and they don’t ask for experience.
3 Play Media Transcription
– Average is $12 an hour for transcription work.
– Freelance transcription jobs, known for hiring beginners.
BAM Transcription
– Freelance transcription and translation opportunities.
Get Transcribed
– Created in 2012 they offer transcription work, but may offer copy writing soon too.
Focus Foward Transcription Services
– Freelance transcription work. 60 minute audio files.
Modern Day Scribe
– They’ve been around since 1994 and match transcribers with work needed.
– Qualified transcriptionists can find freelance work.
Written Communications
– They match freelance transcriptionists with audio file work.
Transcription Outsourcing
– Medical records, financial documents, legal files, or law enforcement records.
Hollywood Transcriptions
-They’ve been around several years and offer freelance transcription work.
AccuTran Global
-Freelance transcription work.
Write Communications
-Qualified transcribers can find ongoing work.
GMR Transcription
– Founded in 2004 and has over 6000 clients.
– Translate and transcribe courtroom hearings.
– They’ve been around since 1994. They are not always hiring.
Alpha Transcription
– Hospital transcription.
Cambridge Transcription
– You’ll need one year legal or court reporting transcription experience.
Fantastic Transcription
– General transcription.
Verbal Fusion
– Hiring transcriptionists for various assignments.
– Current openings for French, media, legal, system and more.
– Medical Transcription work.
Production Transcripts
– Hiring for a variety of different assignments.
– Hires medical transcriptionists. You can work at home.
Focus Forward Transcription
– Hiring transcriptionists and transcribers both English and Fluent Spanish.

Production Transcripts
– Highly proficient and experienced transcribers. Only transcribers with experience transcribing from digital files will be hired.
Nuance NTS
– They are an internet based provider of medical transcription services. They are based in Boston and actually 5 companies in one.
– Legal transcriptionist jobs.
– Only accept apps via email. Medical Transcription Jobs
– They are not hiring at this time.
– Typically only hire in Virginia.
– These positions go fast when they are up. Not exactly transcription, but you’ll be listening to songs and typing out the lyrics for publishing on the site.

Find transcription jobs that are work from home, even if you're a beginner.

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