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Canadian Job Resources for My Readers That Live in Canada

I wanted to offer as many Canadian work at home job resources as I could for those that do not live in the United States. Any time I come across a company that hires in both the USA and Canada, I try to list it here. I update often, so please bookmark this page and share with your Canadian friends and family.

If I've missed a company on this list, please reach out and let me know. I'd like this to be a really great list for those needing telecommuting options in Canada. I get several emails a week from our “neighbors” up north looking for ideas that will allow them to be able to work at home.

I have them listed in alphabetical order, not by job type.

Work at Home Options in Canada

– A global marketplace for all kinds of different jobs around the world.

– They hire transcriptionists and coders. They offer flexible schedules for the most part. As far as I can tell it's transcription work in Ambulatory/Clinic and Acute/Hospital.

– They hire transcriptionists, but you do need to fill out a questionnaire and testing materials.

– This is customer service type work. Taking calls from customers for orders or support.

– If you have experience in software development, this company allows telecommuting.

– They offer customer service jobs for companies like Pizza Hut and The Shopping Channel.

– Customer service and support type jobs.

– Blogging/writing jobs.

– Language Teachers

– Call center type jobs that are home based.

– A large job search site just for Canadians

– Call center representative. Various companies.

– Customer Service

– Customer Service

– Customer service/support for this large office supply retailer.

Do you know about other work at home jobs for Canadians or have questions? Keep reading…

Have a resource or question regarding home based jobs in Canada? Please feel free to comment below. Also – the more you share this page, the more others will see and be more apt to contribute great additional info. So please share today. Thank you.

If you’re still looking for work at home, please be sure to check out the entire Work at Home Directory for more job ideas.


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