Get Paid for Reading Email, Doing Searches & Watching Ads

Get Paid for Reading Email, Doing Searches & Watching Ads

Programs That Pay You to Read Ads or Emails, Surf and Search or Refer Others

I am always adding new sites to this list, so check back often. It might be easier to just bookmark the page so that you can find it again easily.

These programs make it easier than ever to make some extra cash. It won't pay your mortgage – but it adds your bottom line for sure.

List of Paid to Read, Surf and Refer Programs to Join

Mintvine (Now Branded Surveys)

– Fun site that allows you to cash out quickly. Earn money doing easy surveys. Cash goes straight to PayPal account and you only have to be 13 (with parents permission) or older to join.
* Read how I cashed out $95 from Mintvine.


(Details and Review)
– Created in 2011, this site pays you points for cash. Only takes 100 points to earn $1 and you can cash out instantly.

Treasure Trooper

(Details and Review)
– This is by far one of the most fun “earning” sites I have come across. I love the community, the games – like cool treasure hunts and I like that there are so many ways to earn.


(Details and Review)
– I kind of surprised myself with this one. Didn't have high expectations – but I actually earned $40 my first month.


(Details and Review)
– I have been with Swagbucks since they started and I have to say it's been a saving grace for me many times. I have cashed in my points for gift cards and these cards have been my gifts to give to others for birthdays, holidays. When you can cash in points and get a free $25 gift card – and really it wasn't a lot of work – maybe some polls and doing internet searches and referring others – that's a really cool program in my eyes. Free.


– Launched July 10th, 1999 and has been paying reliably ever since. Earn $5 to JOIN and 1 to 10 cents for EVERY email you read. $0.35 – $4.00 for EVERY survey site you join! Earn UNLIMITED cash playing games. Become a GOLD Member and earn even more.

Publisher's Clearing House Search and Win

– Most everyone has heard of Publisher's Clearing House – you can now win instant prizes by using their search engine.


(Details and Review)
– Earn points and redeem for cash/gift cards. You can do surveys, watch videos, shop and more to earn.


– After a bumpy start — they are now in BETA mode and taking new members. You're paid to view ads (on your phone).

Bing (Earn Amazon Gift Cards & More)

– I've snagged so many Bing Amazon gift cards – it's not even funny. Easy to do if you use Bing for search.

More programs like these are out there. Keep reading…

Please let me know below in the comment section about other programs that are similar to these. It would be great to build a really nice resource page that helps everyone. Thank you so much.


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  1. Kelly Land says:

    Thanks so much for visiting my site and for the compliment! I get asked this question a lot and unfortunately, most of what I find is for USA residents. I do see Canada and the UK as well — but the majority of what I see is for the USA since I live here. That being said… I do post everything I find no matter the country. I do have an International Resource page that you might want to check out in the Work at Home Directory. As well — you might consider freelance work too.

  2. Eliane Bryan says:

    Hi Kelly, I like your website and what you are doing! Great job! I am looking to make some extra cash on the side, however I live in Barbados (Caribbean). Are there any companies out there that you know of who offer work at home jobs to people living outside of the States? I am an Administrative Assistant by profession (working in the Hotel industry), I can type fast, I speak English (fluent), German (native language), French (basic knowledge). I am very good at spotting typos, spelling errors etc. I was thinking of a proofreading job (or similar), however I don’t have a qualification in this field. Any assistance that you may be able to render would be greatly appreciated :-). Many thanks and all the best to you!

  3. is it safe to link your paypal accnt to any of this jobs?

  4. @Susan
    Basic computer skills would be fine for paid to read, refer, surf, click programs.

  5. susan dumas says:

    Informative website I’m contemplating trying one source or another. I’ve not done this before. I Have some basic computer skills is that enough?

    Thank you for feedback,



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