Be a Work at Home Website Tester – $1 to $15 Per Test

work at home website tester

Earn Cash being a Website Tester or Website Usability Reviewer

As a website owner, I can tell you first hand – one of the struggles is making sure your site is easy to navigate. I'm still trying to master this after moving my site from HTML to wordpress. Having a great flow for visitors that allows them to access content easily, find what they're looking for, a design that's pleasing and more — well, it's hard to be objective when it's something you look at every day.

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It's great to be able to get a fresh perspective and that's where website user testing can help create a better experience for your visitors which means building a better business for the site owner.

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Work at Home Website Tester Opportunities


– They hire all over the world. Most tests are 5-10 minutes and pay $1, but there are longer tests over 20 minutes that pay $5.

Amazon Mechanical Turks

– Website testing offered, but pay might be much less than some of the other sites listed here. Doesn't mean it's not worth your time though.


– You get to test websites before they are actually live. Earn rewards.

User Feel

– They pay $10 for each test and pay via PayPal. (Your sample test when you sign up can take up to 2 months to be reviewed.)

Startup Lift

– Earn $5 per feedback.


– This isn't just testing websites, there is an opportunity to test apps as well. (Used to be uTest)

Try My UI

– Tests take 15 to 20 minutes and they pay $10 per test.

User Testing

– You don't need to have a webcam and they pay $10 per test.


– Tests take around 15 minutes and they pay $10 per test.


-They pay $10 per test and tests take around 10-20 minutes. They do require a webcam.

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Because I want to make this resource page the best possible for those looking for web testing type jobs, I'd appreciate it if those already doing this type of work, or know of companies other than the ones I have listed, share that info in the comments section below. By networking and sharing information, we make this a more helpful page for all of us. Thank you so much.


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