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Art and Logic

Art and Logic Review

Do you have any knowledge about software design? If you do and you want to make some extra money working out of your home, it’s in your best interest to check out Art and Logic. Although the company has satellite offices all over the United States, and employs a team of full-time staff members, they’re also interested in recruiting talented freelance contractors. The company is currently 9+ years old and has always generated rave reviews from both clients and employees. (See my post, Freelance Work From Home for more home-based freelancing options.)

They’re Committed to Establishing a Relationship with You

There are lots of companies that say they’re looking for a long-term relationship with quality freelance contractors but who then disappear as soon as the project is done. This can be very frustrating. The good news is that this won’t happen when you align yourself with Art and Logic, the company has a reputation for working with their freelance contractors for several years. Some freelancers have even gone on to become contracted, full-time employees.

Work From Anywhere

The great thing about Art & Logic is that as long as you have a computer, an idea, an internet connection, and the personality of a self-starter, you won’t have any trouble working for Art & Logic. They’re used to working with freelance contractors and have people scattered all over the world. Not only do they understand how frustrating the life of a freelance contractor can be and are willing to work through the problems. The company is very understanding, respectful, and has great communication skills.

What They’re Looking For

Art and Logic has some pretty specific things they’re looking for when it comes to adding a new freelancer to their team. They want every freelance contractor they hire to be someone who has the ability to improve the entire company. Traits you need to have, include;
• Determination
• Dedication
• Reliability
• A willingness to learn new skills
• Constantly look to the future and be determined you can improve the world.
In addition to all of those things, you also have to be willing to play well with others. Art & Logic is a very team oriented company and they want all of their staff, both full-time employees and freelance contractors, to work together when completing projects. As long as you communicate with your team mates and complete your share of the project on time, you should have no trouble fitting in. Learn more here.

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