Blogging Jobs [List of Where to Find Blogging Jobs That Pay]

Blogging Jobs
“Paid blogging jobs… where to find them! This list offers paid blogging jobs from home that you'll want to check out. Even beginners!”

Blogging Jobs and Content Writing Jobs That You Can Do From Home

For blogging jobs that can be done from home, please see the list below. There are many companies and websites that will hire writers, even amateur writers to write posts or reviews for them. Some will even pay blog owners to write a review of their product or service and post it on their own website or blog.

If you've always wanted to try writing, this is a great way to get your feet wet or to build up your portfolio. Of course, the best part is, you can blog from anywhere with WiFI and a laptop. Or even a tablet if you had to! I've tried to break the list below down into categories, so no matter what level blogger or writer you are, you can easily get to the blog writer job that interests you most.

Not only do I have specific companies below that are know to hire for blogging jobs, I also have other sites you can use as part of your search toolkit when looking for job posts placed by companies looking for blog writers.

Types of Blogging Jobs and Writing Jobs for Those That Don't Have a Blog Themselves

News for Shoppers
– Write articles, reviews, tips for shoppers. You'll earn 70% revenue sharing. They allow you to include a byline. Articles need to be top quality.

– Throw your hat in the ring with other writers bidding on writing assignments.

QualityGal (Now Online Writing Jobs)
– Get paid to write articles. Variety of topics. Pay rates vary.

Media Bistro
– Offers writing tasks and jobs.

Write On Results
– Money earned from your penmanship!
– Get Paid per Article You Write About Getting A Job or Career Related things.

– Connecting writers with those needing writers.

Editorial Services Online
– Writers, Editors, Indexers, Web designers Wanted!

– Making cash writing blog posts for blog owners. Posts that get picked up are paid for.

30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success
– This is the class I took in order to leave my customer support job and start writing full-time for a living.

Sites to Search for Even More Paid Blogger Jobs

I realize my page here probably isn't the end all, be all resource for blogging jobs, but I do want it to be as helpful as possible for those looking. So below you'll find some great sites to search for job openings that could ultimately lead you to your dream blog writer job!

Media Bistro
– Though they cover all types of writing jobs from proofreading to research to copywriting, I have seen blog content jobs as well. You can set up email alerts for the type of job you're specifically looking for too.

Writer's Weekly
– The site might look a little funky, but I promise — they have job leads for writers. You'll see links with recent dates in them — those will take you to the job leads for that week.

– Use common sense and be careful. That being said — I actually found an awesome job on Craigslist. Though it was for customer support, I've seen jobs for blog content writers too. Everything from travel writers to fashion writers.

Freelance Writing Gigs
– They not only post writing job leads on this site, they also offer tips and advice for writers too.
– They post writing job leads on their job board almost every day. There are many blogs out there that need fresh content and will pay well for lengthy, professionally written articles.

– Used to be oDesk and then merged with eLance. Regardless of their name, you can find writing assignments here. You will have to complete a profile and typically have a portfolio of some sort. BUT – they sooner you get it all going, the sooner you start applying to job posts.

– Yeah, I get it… it's a paid service. But it's affordable and the job leads have been vetted. I've seen many writing jobs posted. I do pay for their service and use it myself.

– One of the larger job sites, you can get super specific with your searches, including “blogger jobs”.

– They update their job board if not every day, just about every day. You'll find one “writer needed” job after another — covering many topics.

– It's not JUST journalism jobs — there are content writing jobs, fact checker jobs, researchers and more.

– Seems like every time I check this site out, they have new blogger for hire, writer for hire jobs that are perfect for those that want to write for blogs. Certianly worth the time to look over.

You Want to Have a Blog of Your Own

Create Your Own Blog – Easy Step by Step How-To
-If you want to start your own blog, but unsure of taking that first step or even how to start, here ya go. Affordable and easy instructions.

Monetize Your Blog with Awesome Affiliate Programs

– Free. They accept affiliates from all countries. They require a $100 minimum balance payout. Paid via Check, PayPal, Intercash, eCheck, ACH, Wire, and Bitcoin.

Google Adsense
– Free. Advertisers compete for your ad space. You control where the ads go on your site. Customization controls too.

Commission Junction
– Free. Well respected and 1,000's of advertisers to choose from.

Link Vehicle
– You set your rate and the offers come to you. Typically asking for you to post an article with a link to it. The link typically needs to be a “do follow”. I spoke to two bloggers using Link Vehicle and they charge $100 a post and typically earn $100-$200 per month.

Blogging Jobs Aren't the Only Writing Jobs Out There:

Top 7 Websites to Make Money Writing
– Grab a laptop and let your writing career begin!

Online Writing Jobs
– Check out this list of great online writing jobs that might interest the writer in you. These companies hire writers for content, articles, news and more.

Make Money Writing Poems
– A look at earning an income or at least supplemental income with your poetry.

Greeting Card Jobs From Home
– There is cash to be made by writing for greeting card companies. Here's a list of companies looking to hire!

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