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Are you tired of writing page after page of content for businesses and never getting any recognition for it? Believe it or not there is now a website that not only wants the articles you write, but they’re also willing to give you a byline AND a chunk of the revenue your articles earn.

What They’re Looking For

The most important thing to keep in mind when you decide you want to write for News for Shoppers is that if you can’t write informative articles, they won’t accept your work. In their introduction page, the company very clearly states that they won’t accept fluffy articles. Anything you send them will have to be well written and well researched. They also want unbiased articles.


News for Shoppers asks that their writers submit a minimum of one article per week. One of the things I liked about them was that they don’t seem to want to go overboard with the number of articles they publish and restrict writers to only posting three articles daily. So the opportunity for writing articles for money is there – but you won't get rich. (See many more writing opportunities that you can do from home – my post, Companies That Offer Writing Jobs That Are Work from Home gives you lots of ideas.)


The challenge with work at home opportunities like News for Shoppers is that it’s difficult to tell how much you can expect to get paid. They don’t pay per article or by the word like the private clients you create content for do. Instead, each time someone reads an article you have written, you’ll get a small amount of money. If you decide to participate in News for Shoppers, you can expect to earn 50% of any revenue your article earns during the introductory “training” period. After that, you’ll receive 70%. I have to admit, that it’s more than similar sites pay.


• Byline
• A chance to develop a readership
• Experience
• Revenue sharing

Final Thoughts

I have not been able to find much information about News for Shoppers. The lack of information is probably a good thing. It’s my experience that when a company treats their freelance contractors or writers poorly, the mistreated individuals quickly turn to the internet to air their grievances. So most likely, the people who currently write for News for Shoppers are very happy with the company.

I have mixed feelings about News for Shoppers. I love the idea that it’s a great way to start generating a passive income. I also think it provides writers with a good opportunity to create a portfolio. However, I can’t stop thinking about other websites that have provided similar opportunities and have recently folded. If you enjoy writing, I think you should look into applying for a position as one of their writers, however, I think you should keep the number of hours you devote to the site minimal each week and not ignore other opportunities to earn a work at home income. Get more information here

UPDATE: News for Shoppers is now Consumer Press. They still have opportunities for writers. Click here to get more info.

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