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Article Marketing Company

What I’ve Learned about Article Marketing Company

Anyone who has spent much time hanging out on the freelancing job boards has probably noticed an advertisement that keeps popping up for The Article Marketing Company. I stumbled across it a few times before I took the chance and contacted the poster.

What the Article Marketing Company?

The Article Marketing Company provides clients with content for their websites and blogs. The application process was a little more involved than I expected. Not only was I asked to provide both my resume and writing samples, but I also had to create a writing sample based on their guidelines. You won’t be paid for the additional sample you provide, but you maintain the copyright so you can always post it somewhere else or fold it into your resume.

The company doesn’t mind working with new writers, but you will have to prove that in addition to being a good solid writer you’re also able to follow a strict guideline.

The Good News About Article Marketing

The Article Marketing Company provides it’s writers a fair price. $7 for a 500-word article. They deposit the writer's earnings into your PayPal account bright and early on Sunday morning. In the time that I’ve been working with them, I haven’t had any trouble with the payments.

I also like the turnaround time for the articles. After they’ve been submitted, the articles get reviewed by an editor, who then passes them onto the client for final approval. Each article I’ve turned in has been approved within 48 hours.

Work is put on a list and writers can claim as many of the projects as they like. Writers have 48 hours to complete the project. I’ve also been told that sometimes projects will be assigned to a specific writer, but so far I haven’t had any experience with that.

What I’m Not so Fond Of

It can be tough to find work. There doesn’t seem to be any pattern to when they get posted so I frequently have to check out the website.
At the very least, I wish the company would send out an email alert when jobs were posted.

I understand that the company has done a great deal of research and created a format that’s pleasing to the eye, but I have to admit that I find it a bit restrictive. Being forced to keep all paragraphs the same size doesn’t feel very natural.

Final Thoughts

I’m glad I applied to Article Marketing Company and have no reservations about suggesting others do the same.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this company closed its doors in 2015. Please see my post, Online Writing Jobs for a big list of other writing jobs that are work from home or freelance.

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