Writers Weekly Paying $60 a Post

Writers Weekly

“Writers Weekly pays well for freelance submissions that are accepted.”

Writers Weekly Offers Another Writing From Home Job Opportunity

I know many of you love the idea of writing as a way to make extra money at home. So I am always looking for writing jobs that are flexible and pay decently. Writing jobs from home can be a great way to supplement your income or an option for moms trying to make a little money each month – but need to work around the kids' schedules or write when the baby is napping.

I came across Writers Weekly recently and wanted to tell you more about it. (You can also check out more jobs like these by reading my post, Online Writing Jobs.)

What You Can You Write About

Though many writing jobs offer you the luxury of writing about whatever you want to write about -at Writers Weekly they are specifically looking for articles about – well, ways to make money by writing. So take this article that I am writing right now. If it were about another company or business that offered cash for writing – I could submit it to Writers Weekly and if they decided they liked it – they would pay me $60 for non-exclusive rights. And my article would need to at least be 600 words.

You can also submit a writer's success story. Though – they do not want what is considered “one-shot” success stories – meaning, that a writer lucked out and made a killing on one article or freelance project. They prefer more, individual writer's stories on how they began writing and worked up to a steady income or work pace. They pay $40 for success stories.

Articles need to be well thought out, helpful and be unique. My best advice would be to write the kind of article you would want to read when looking for ways to write from home or writing jobs that can be done from home that you would be interested in yourself.

How Are Writers Paid

The Writers Weekly website doesn't offer any information on how payments are made. Because there is no mention of PayPal, or any other “online” type payment – I am going to make the assumption they pay by check.

Worth Your Time?

If you're needing money RIGHT NOW… no – this probably isn't the best suited for you. They receive many submissions and it takes time to get through them all. But if you have other writing jobs in the hopper, this could become another great way to add $60 here and there to your bottom line. I would approach it by submitting 3-4 articles a month, or roughly 1 per week. If one gets picked up – great – there is $60. If more get accepted, even better.

I would make sure you only submit your best, most researched work if you want a chance of them using your work. Articles that are slapped together, not well researched or have a lot of grammatical errors probably won't be bothered with.

But if you establish a could track record – you'll probably have a good chance of having your work looked at just based on what you have submitted in the past.

On a side note – they also offer writing contests here and there. Many are for short stories and you can win up to $300. Wouldn't be a steady flow of income – but that would be a nice chunk to put in the bank and use for vacations or just savings.

Bottom Line

If you like to write and research, I would give this a go for sure. There are not a lot companies paying $60 for a 600-word article right now. With that being said – this isn't a quick 60 bucks. Do your homework, write the very best article you can and this just might turn out to be another writing venue for those wanting that “work at home writer” freelance career.

Please see their guidelines and submission information here.

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