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Yahoo Contributor Network

Make Money Online with Yahoo Contributor Network

I haven’t been working for Yahoo Contributor Network for long, but in the time that I have, I’ve been very pleased with the experience. I feel it’s a great work at home opportunity that everyone who enjoys writing should check out.

What Is It?

Yahoo has a variety of subjects that need to have covered but lacks enough full-time staff to get the work done. All of those articles that appear on the homepage every single day need to be written by someone. That person might as well be you! In addition to the instant exposure you get for your articles, Yahoo pays you to be a contributor.

The Pros of the Yahoo Contributor Network

I love the fact that there are so many different topics I can write about as part of the Yahoo Contributors Network. Considering how often I spend time writing about the same topic over and over again, having a wide variety is like a breath of fresh air. If Yahoo accepts the article you have written, there are all kinds of opportunities for you to start building a name for yourself as a writer. The article will appear on all of relevant Yahoo channels and has the potential to generate a high quantity of traffic. (You might also want to check out my post, ICUC Social Moderation Jobs to see if it might interest you as well.)

The Cons of the Yahoo Contributor Network

The biggest, well only, complaint I’ve had so far with the Yahoo Contributors program is the website itself. The site is user-friendly, but it has all sorts of technical problems. Twice I’ve even had to shut down my computer because I thought it had frozen. I have heard reports about periods of time when the entire website has been down for about a week. Based on this information I can’t recommend you rely solely on this program for your income unless you have money saved up that you can use to tide you over if you can’t log onto the site for a few days.


It’s important to note that Yahoo Contributors Network has a strict policy of only making payments through PayPal. If you’re unwilling to create an account, you won’t be able to take advantage of Yahoo’s program. What I’ve really come to like about being one of Yahoo’s contributors is that I don’t have to worry about when or even if I’m going to get paid. The company has upfront payment assignments that range in price from $2-20.

You shouldn’t expect to get rich writing for Yahoo Contributors Network, especially if you’re new to the writing gig. For some beginners, the pay rate is $1.50 per 1,000 words, which just isn’t much. However, if you can write an article that gets a great deal of traffic, your earning potential will go up, plus you’ll be able to add an impressive article to your portfolio.

Although the Yahoo Contributors program isn’t perfect, I think all writers should at least consider using it.


Update: Sadly, this program was discontinued in 2014. However, you can check out my post, Online Writing Jobs to see a huge list of writing gigs that can be done from home. Or maybe considering creating your own blog! It's absolutely do-able and you can get started right now using my guide, Create My Own Blog (Right Now!) – Step by Step – SO Easy.

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  1. @Adrianne,

    I agree about the clutter.
    I have a lot of people contact me wanting to dabble or get their feet wet with writer. Most have never written before.
    I think sometimes HubPages and places like Yahoo are good places to get started and just get a feel for what you
    need to do as far as researching a topic, the length of the article and your voice or style of writing.

    Thanks for coming by my site! I’m honored :-)
    You have a good weekend too!! Take care!

  2. That’s interesting Kelly! I actually think that Yahoo’s home page with it’s recent change is way too cluttered.

    I’m sure that anyone who wants to be a writer and put themselves out there would like to give this one a serious look. I mean it is Yahoo after all and that’s a lot of recognition if your articles are not only picked up but become popular.

    This isn’t my cup of tea but I’ll be sure to pass it along. You just never know right!

    Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend.


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