Where to Earn Reward Points for Gift Cards and Cash

Earn Reward Points

Reward Points for Cash or Gift Cards

So maybe you're not handed cash directly, but I am here to tell you – there is serious cash to be made by accruing points and “cashing” those in for gift cards or for cash.

I cannot tell you how many gift cards I have gotten using the programs below. I have been able to snag $50 cards for Aeropostle, or $25 cards for Starbucks, $100 cash card for PayPal. It's helped me so much when money was tight and I need to grab a few things for birthdays, the holidays or even my anniversary ($50 REI gift card!!).

Sign up for ALL of the programs below, go to these sites daily, do the polls, searches, refer others – you will be surprised how fast your points add up and then when it's time to cash in those points…. you'll be thrilled as well! These programs take CONSISTENCY to really make cash. I bookmark them all, I have them in a folder on browser toolbar, and each day while having coffee, I visit and earn. It's THAT easy.

List of Sites That Give You Rewards, Cash, Prizes

My Recipe Magic

(My Recipe Magic Details & Review) This is a great way to earn extra cash by posting your favorite recipes. The more you post, the better chance you have at earning. Great site for looking up recipes too.

Inbox Dollars

– They've been around since 2000, so 14 years of paying people for doing everyday online activities.


(Swagbucks Details and Review– Launched in 2008, this has been one of the most successful “get paid to” sites to date. I personally have cashed in over $700 worth of points on cash, clothes, coffee, camping gear and books since I joined. The toolbar the offer makes it even easier to rack up points.

Treasure Trooper

(Treasure Trooper Details and Review– Treasure Trooper takes the whole idea of “get paid to” to a really fun, game like level. Once you get signed up, and start doing the daily activities, you'll really get a kick out of it. The treasure map and trooper's journal are fun extras.


(PanelPoll Details and Review– It's free to sign up and they give you many ways to earn. Not just surveys. They also allow children to do surveys with parental consent and supervision. The TV Show and video testing can be a fun way to earn, you might even get to watch a pilot not seen by the general public.


(1Q Details and Review) – This app will pay you cash INSTANTLY into your PayPal account for every text message you answer. The questions they ask are simple and used for marketing. I've personally earned over $126 since I started using it.

Are you earning money with “get paid to” programs? Keep reading…

Obviously, the list above doesn't have every “get paid to” program out there – but I am always checking out new programs and if they are worthy, they get listed here. Maybe you've found a good one, I don't mention? Let me know in the comments section below. However, I don't want this to turn into the comment section of “affiliate links”. So all links will be removed.

But I do want us all to share our experiences and what programs are time-worthy. This helps us all with more opportunities to make extra cash! Thanks in advance.

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  1. @Aubrey
    Thanks so much!! Comments like yours help keep me going :-) Let me know about YouGov and if it’s worth signing up.

  2. Thank you so much. I’m just starting out in the work from home field and yours is now my go- to site for ideas and, hopefully soon, a fill- time job. I had no idea there were so many survey sites out there. I found one called You Gov. As you can guess by the title it’s mostly political stuff. Buttaught I’d share. Again, thank you so much for your research, your writing( which I find inviting and ask inclusive rather than intimidating like a couple of sites I’ve come across) and, of course, your generosity I. sharing this with us. ; )

  3. @Gale
    I have them on my list of article ideas — I’m very interested in researching it and finding out what it’s all about :-)

  4. Gale Keys says:

    The Receipt hog app is really easy.

  5. @laurietam
    They are one of the tougher ones to earn with. Even their referral program is tough. I have earned enough and been paid by them before though. I haven’t had an issue yet. Did they say why they froze your account?? That’s really strange.

  6. laurietam says:

    Hi Kelly,

    To be honest, InboxPays froze the amount on my account just so I wouldn’t ever reach the payout minimum. I HIGHLY recommend to wipe it off of this list as “legit.” Otherwise, more people will get duped.

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