10 Money Making Ideas for Women Wanting to Work at Home

Money Making Ideas for Women

List of Money Making Ideas for Women 

Have you been looking for work at home jobs that fit you and your lifestyle? Or mulling over money making ideas, but nothing seems “just right”? I have been there. In searching for jobs at home I found it can be a daunting task to find a work at home job isn’t a scam and fits all of my needs. After all of my searching, I have compiled a list of 10 types of work at home jobs that meet all my requirements.

Take a look below for ideas and suggestions that are super popular on my site. Since 1999, I've been compiling and writing money making ideas to share on my blog. Below are some of the ideas that seem to be the most popular with my readers. Who knows, even if one of the ideas doesn't fit you perfectly — it might help you with brainstorming something that does!

Top Ten Money Making Ideas for Women

1) Non-Phone Work at Home: Jobs that don't require you to be on the phone, but allow you to work from your home. These can be customer support based or data entry type jobs.

2) E-bay, Craigslist and Other Online Selling Sites: With these types of sites there is little to do and usually little costs to begin. You can simply take items such as car parts, books, old toys, etc and list them to sell to other people. The potential in this home job is how often you may have products to list. Bonus: Hige list of sites and apps that you can use to sell clothes you no longer need or want!

3) Survey Taking: There are untold numbers of site that allow you to work at home just taking surveys on things like products, services and even simple interests. These types of sites do have a great earning potential however you have to be sure to read all the “fine print” as many of these programs require you to sign up for or purchase something to receive any pay. I personally do a few survey sites, but I am picky. The ones that I choose to do help me earn an extra $300+ a month!

4) Data-Entry: As with other usually office based jobs this position is being found more and more as a work at home position.

5) Direct Sales Companies: Avon, Herb-a-life, etc: these types of job at home are easy for some to do as they are done best using networking both in person and online.

6) Telemarketing or Customer Service: This is a home job that is not for everyone. Be sure that you are willing and able to be a little pushy with people as at times this is the only way to ensure your earnings potential in this field.

7) Transcription: this work at home job, like medical coding, does require some training but offers a great deal of earnings potential for the right person.

8 Blogging Jobs: many sites need people to visit and write reviews, comments etc in blog form to generate more traffic to their site. These sites will usually pay well for your service and have continuous work for the right person.

9) Medical Billing and Coding: with this particular home job you will need to undergo classes or at least some training. This work at home job has a great deal of earning potential but does have costs in order to do the needed training.

10) Freelance Writing: this is a great way to use your love of writing to share ideas, opinions, experiences and other information and earn an income all at the same time. Bonus: List for those interested in writing for greeting card companies.

Remember, when looking for work at home jobs, try to find what works best for you, and don't just settle. Remember that not everyone enjoys the same things. Not everyone has the same strengths. Use what you have and you can make a great living and never have to leave your house! There is untold potential in the “jobs at home” niche so don’t give up. I’m sure that with these tips you will be able to find the same success that so many have already found.

Just be realistic — If you don't have medical billing or coding training or if you can't type 60wpm without mistakes… and those are qualifications — it makes sense to not apply for that particular position. You don't have those skills — so don't waste your time or the employers. Focus on what you DO have going for you and the experience you DO have. And if you're really wanting something you're not qualified for, then seek training. I've taken many classes to help me with my blog and beyond. Classes and Courses I Recommend for Work at Home Careers

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