Common Sense Blog Blueprint – Review and a FREEBIE

Common Sense Blog Blueprint

I Don’t Know How to Create My Own Blog

Boy, do I really get that. When I started my site 15+ years ago — well, “blogs” weren’t really a thing yet. And everybody, including grandma didn’t have one. It was such a learning curve for me. But I dug my heels in and taught myself everything. But wow — tackling HTML was a extremely hard for me. Understanding code and designing a site, making changes, adding content and images — It was a headache. Then along came WYSIWYG editors – which made it much more simple. And now — well, we have BLOGS! Oh the sweet simplicity of a blog.

Blog Creation IS Really a Piece of Cake

Honestly, with awesome sites like Bluehost that let you snag your domain name for free and offer hosting for less than $4 bucks a month — it’s ridiculous how easy you can get started. And WordPress… how I love WordPress. Such an easy to install, user friendly platform for blogging.

Setting up the blog itself – is pretty straight-forward. But then what? Well, many know exactly what they want to write about. Some know tons about SEO. Some know a lot about social media. But knowing it all — is overwhelming and it can be not just frustrating, but kinda depressing too if you’re not sure where to begin.

Hand Holding Comes in Many Forms

Sometimes you know somebody that lives near you or a co-worker, friend — that can hold your hand and help you get started on your blog adventure. I have everyone from my hair stylist to my dentist asking me about blogging. How to start one, how to grow their social media audience or simply, how to write articles that get read. And I certainly don’t know all the answers. Heck… I wouldn’t even say I’m an expert — I take classes all the time to help me understand and grow my business. I have a list of great classes that I’ve taken or recommend here.

I also want to mention another helpful tool for those that really need and want step by step help. From beginning to end – the Common Sense Blog Blueprint holds your hand. Charlie Page created this blueprint just for people that are struggling with a blog they already have or need to create a blog from scratch. Charlie has been online for 14 years and has amazing success.

With the Common Sense Blog Blueprint you receive over 20 training videos (with the transcripts so that you can go back over what you watched in case you didn’t catch something or just want to understand it more). For those that don’t have a blog, there is an option to have a blog setup for free. There will be themes to choose from that are very nice looking. Those these aren’t custom, you can always tackle that on down the road. You can also get hosting for free for one year and then continue to keep that hosting for a huge discount after.

This is more than just videos and training… it’s actual help getting your blog up and running. It’s obviously not free, but what you pay for is membership and access to all that Charlie Page has to offer. And it goes beyond just blog help. Charlie offers access to his other membership sites too if you decide to go that route. His site, Directory of Ezines has been around for as long as I can remember. And he has a great site to help with Article creation and writing.

To give you an idea — this is right from Charlie’s site:


I realize many of us are on tight budgets, and this “hand holding” is not free. But it is reasonably priced and offers detailed help. Sometimes you just need to call in the big guns.

But if you’re just unsure, or what to just get an idea of what Charlie Page has to offer – he does have a great little freebie right now that you can download.


You can snag this download here.
And just because it’s free, doesn’t mean it’s not super helpful. I am always…. ALWAYS learning even though I’ve been at this for years and years. So whether you’re just thinking about creating a blog or a seasoned blogger — free tips are NICE indeed!

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