Test Scorer Companies That Offer Work From Home

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Test Scorer Companies That Offer Work From Home

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I've personally been a test scorer. And I was grateful for the work.  And with a surge of work from home interest and online classrooms, there is an ever rising need for test scorers. You can earn an income grading these essays and tests. There are several companies that hire test scorers, but this list includes the main five test scoring companies that do the most hiring.

You'll have the best chance of becoming an online test scorer through one of these five companies: ACT Essay Readers, Measurement, Inc., ETS, Pearson and Write Score. These are all work at home positions and can be seasonal most of the time. I've included more information on each company below.

My Experience as an Online Test Scorer

The company I worked for did require a degree, but it did not need to be in English or Language Arts. But not all online test scoring jobs will require that you have a degree. There are several companies below for you to check out and the pay can range from about $8 to over $15 an hour. It's just going to depend on the company and what type of scoring project you've been assigned to. (If you like the idea of being a test scorer, you might also like to check out this great list of online tutoring jobs. Flexible hours and typically great pay!)

I had an online test scoring job for two years in a row at around two month stretches each time. So around 8-9 weeks. I was paid $12 an hour and it was really nice. Everyone was helpful and like I said, the paycheck was nice to have. I was asked to come back for a third year, but I couldn't due to my full-time job just being too demanding and I didn't want to slack on my blog. So I passed. But this is nice work if you can get it. (If you're checking out online test scoring jobs because you don't like being on the phone – check out this HUGE list of work at home non-phone jobs!)

List of Companies That Hire Test Scorers

1. ACT Essay Readers

– The prefer those with an education background – but that's not required. Averages $12 hour + nice benefits.

2. Measurement, Inc.

Seasonal. Though permanent doesn't appear to be out of the question. Pay starts around $10-$11 per hour. USA

3. ETS

– This is one of the higher paying test scoring opps if you can get it. I've heard that pay can be up near $18 an hour or more. USA

4. Pearson

– Another really good gig if you can get it. Pay hovers around $10 an hour. USA

5. Write Score

– Seasonal, but pretty much the entire school year. They are not always hiring and you'll have to check Indeed or Careerbuilder for openings. They don't have an application page or info on their site.

Test Scoring Jobs That are Not Necessarily Work at Home – But Hiring

Data Recognition Corporation
– Seasonal. Pays $14 an hour.
– K–12 assessment. Pays well. BA/BS in field related to content area being scored. Located in the St.Paul, MN area.

R&D International I, Inc
– Pay is $12 an hour. Seasonal work. Bachelor's degree. Indianapolis, IN area.

Final Thoughts on Becoming an Online Test Scorer

If you have experience working for one of the test scoring companies above- we'd love to have your comments below shared. Thanks in advance! If you’re still looking for work at home, please be sure to check out the entire Work at Home Directory for more job ideas.

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