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CreatePool – Share Your Knowledge and/or Skills

CreatePool Review Follow Me on Pinterest Put Your Knowledge to Work at Createpool

You’ve spent your entire life developing certain skills and gathering knowledge, it seems a shame that you can’t utilize your talents to help you earn some extra money. But wait… maybe you can! There’s a website called Createpool that is designed to help you connect with clients who not only need your skills and knowledge, but who are also willing to pay for it.

What is Createpool?

Createpool is a website that is designed to act as a sort of marketplace where businesses and individuals can go to get questions answered and to find people/organizations that can provide specific services. The site currently has four more categories, which include:
• Education
• Legal advice
• Auto mechanic
• Programming

Earn Money as a Shutterstock Image Reviewer

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Have an Eye for Detail? Be an Image Reviewer

Do you want to earn a living while working out of your own home, but find the idea of doing customer service work or writing sales articles all day a bit tedious? If you answered yes to that question, one of the things you might want to consider heading over to the Shutterstock website and applying to work as one of their image reviewers.

What You’ll Be Doing

Shutterstock is a stock photo site that earns money by selling pictures to people who need them for book covers, websites, and other art projects. To help attract customers to the website, Shutterstock promises to provide a wide selection of top quality pictures. In order to make sure that customers are pleased with the selection, Shutterstock uses freelance contractors to inspect each image that gets posted to the website.

Earn Money as a Mystery Shopper for CallCenterQA

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CallCenterQA Offers Phone Mystery Shops

I think that one of the fastest ways to start earning a decent living while working at home is by becoming involved with call centers. This type of work is something that can be picked up on easily and provided you’re working for a company that offers fair wages, you can earn a decent living. CallCenterQA.org is one of the many companies currently looking for freelance contractors, and I think it’s a good choice.

Who Can Apply

Unlike some call centers that hire just about anyone who fills out an application, CallCenterQA is very picky about the personality of the freelance contractors they add to their team. Traits they’re looking for include:

At Home Court Researcher Work with Sunlark

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Sunlark Review – Being a Court Researcher

Sunlark is a company that was originally created in 2005. Its purpose is to provide court research for clients, and they need freelance contractors who are ready and willing to collect the necessary information and enter it into data programs.

The Type of Freelance Contractor Sunlark Wants

One of the interesting things about Sunlark is the type of contractors they’re looking for. They actively hire two different sets. If you have a high typing speed and can quickly provide the company with error free data, the company would love to add you to their data processing team. Most of the work you would be doing can be done in the comfort of your own home and will be pretty simple. As a data collector, you will be working with excel worksheets. Make sure you’re familiar with the program prior to applying for a position with Sunlark.

Earn Money and Create a Portfolio with Patch.com

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Full Review of Patch.com

Patch.com is a great resource for anyone who enjoys writing and making money, especially if you also have working knowledge of how to do some video photography. I firmly believe that this is a site that all work at home professionals should be acquainted with.
The New York City based company isn’t run by a group of internet experts like most online businesses that use freelance contractors. The individuals who keep Patch.com running smoothly are people just like you. During their professional lives they’ve been photographers, sales staff, editors, writers, and even film experts. They all got together and created what would become an line newspaper which has gone on to create some great opportunities for work at home contractors.

One of the things that makes Patch.com different from other online newspapers is that, even though it enjoys national coverage, it also features local news. It zeroes in on communities using zip codes and local freelancers can provide content about their community, including jobs, real estate, and local businesses. If you want to get a discussion going about something happening in your area, Patch has a Conversations section that makes it easy for you to do so. Since Patch is active on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, you can use the work you do for the website to make new connections that could turn into income earning opportunities.