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Update for April 18, 2014 (Happy Easter!)

happy easter

What Are We Talking About This Week at Money Making Mommy?

Ok – first let me just say — I don’t know where everyone lives, but here in the mountains of NC, our Spring weather has been downright weird. I was in shorts working in my yard last weekend, and then 2 days later we’re below freezing with temps in the 20′s and flurries? Today I was going to go out and do all the yard work – but I’m sitting here in sweatpants and a jacket and freeeeeeeezing. So no. I’m not gonna do it. Looks like it’s going to rain anyway. But I really wanted the yard all perfect for Easter. Maybe tomorrow.

I am no stranger to weather ups and downs, but honestly – the Spring has been ridiculous. At least I did have two really nice weekends to get more stuff raked up, everything mowed and the weed eater ran. I’m holding off on planting anything in my little raised bed garden or around my mailbox. Nope… I will wait until Mother’s Day weekend when I feel it’s “safe”. It’s how I like to spend Mother’s Day too. I like to go out for breakfast, then to my favorite gardening store and then home to plant seeds/flowers.

Get Transcribed Review – Offering Transcriptionists Work at Home


Get Transcribed – Employment Details

Get Transcribed is a fairly new company. It was created in 2012 and has quickly become quite popular on work at home blogs and forums. At this moment they deal exclusively in transcription work but I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t soon add copywriting to the list of services they provide. Even though the company is based in Ohio, they’re willing to work with transcribers who hail from Canada, the United States, Australia, and Europe, though a strong grasp of English language will be expected.


IPSOS Survey Review – Online Surveys for Cash


Taking Ipsos Surveys

Ipsos is a company is best known for offering surveys, though some people have reported that they were able to make additional money by writing product reviews for the company.

How it Works

Ipsos works for companies that need feedback from customers. In exchange for taking the survey, a small amount of money gets deposited into your account. Lots of people like to earn money this way because they can complete a survey in just one or two minutes, and the surveys provide a pleasant break from other, occasionally tedious, projects. In addition to making a little cash from each survey you take, sometimes the company sponsoring the survey will throw in some free products.

Lionbridge Review – Freelance Work Abounds


Plenty of Freelancing Opportunities at Lionbridge Business

There’s a company called Lionbridge Business that has work at home opportunities for translators. It’s part of a much larger company that’s also called Lionbridge Technologies. Lionbridge Business helps its parent company generate approximately $450 million in revenue. Lionbridge Business works with approximately 100,000 freelancers from all over the world. Most of the freelancers Lionbridge Business has added to their team are professionals who have given up traditional jobs because they prefer working at home.

Why Work For Lionsbridge Business

Lionsbridge Business fully understands that without the help of hardworking, self-starting, motivated freelancers they wouldn’t be able to stay in business so they have done everything possible to ensure you enjoy the work you do for the company. Perks you’ll love include:

Job Board Submission

How to Use This Form and Why

This form is for potential employers to post job leads for my audience. Obviously my audience seeks work at home and/or telecommuting work. So please only post jobs that allow the option to work from home.

In that same vein, notice I used the term “potential employers” — this means that this form is to be used for employment only. This is not the form to use if you’re trying to recruit for direct sales companies, promote MLMs or anything other “money-making” venture. These will not be accepted. If you’d like to advertise your direct sales company, you can do so using this form. To view all other advertising options, please click here.