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Online Jobs and Making Money from Home

Online me? Are there REAL online jobs out there? All online jobs are a scam, aren't they? Where do I look for online jobs?

If having an online job, or working from home is something you want to acheive then you need resources. You need legitimate job leads and as much information on working from home as you can get.

Every day I work on posting telecommuting job leads. I write articles on companies offering work at home employment. I also review programs that allow you to make money and save money.

Please know that my goal is to sincerely help. I charge no fees, only information to help you along your path to finding work at home.


Get Paid to Answer Questions at Maven

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Maven Lets you put your Knowledge to Work

Maven provides you with an opportunity to use knowledge you already have and earn some money.
The interesting thing about Maven is that you are the one who decides how much you get paid. The site is set up so that you can decide how much your knowledge is worth.

How Questions are Handled?

Maven really does seem to be interested in making life as easy for its freelance contractors as it possibly can. When a question is submitted that matches your expertise area, you can choose to answer the question in writing or use the telephone. In addition to answering questions, Maven sometimes has larger projects you might be qualified to work on.

Writing Articles for Money at News for Shoppers

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Submit Articles to News for Shoppers

Are you tired of writing page after page of content for businesses and never getting any recognition for it? Believe it or not there is now a website that not only wants the articles you write, but they’re also willing to give you a byline AND a chunk of the revenue your articles earn.

What They’re Looking For

The most important thing to keep in mind when you decide you want to write for News for Shoppers is that if you can’t write informative articles, they won’t accept your work. In their introduction page, the company very clearly states that they won’t accept fluffy articles. Anything you send them will have to be well written and well researched. They also want unbiased articles.

Get Paid to Wrap Your Car! Auto Wrapped Review

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Earn Money While Running Errands Thanks to Auto Wrapped

When I first heard that there were companies actively searching for work at home individuals who would drive around in a car that was plastered with advertisements, I scoffed. That’s not working at home, I thought to myself each time someone mentioned it, that’s working in my car, which is the last thing I wanted to do.
All of a sudden it hit me as I dropped one kid off at piano lessons, took the dog to the vet, and bought groceries that I already spend a great deal of time in the car, and while I’m driving I’m not really earning any money. If companies like Auto Wrapped would pay me for the time I spent behind the wheel, who was I to turn them down?

Wrapping up the Car

I’ll admit that when I first spoke to Auto Wrapped about the possibility of becoming one of their paid drivers, I was nervous. I still wasn’t completely sure about how I felt about this particular source of income, and I was really worried that the stuff they were going to wrap my car in was going to ruin the paint. Luckily, the people at Auto Wrapped are extremely nice. They walked me through the who process and made sure I understood that the materials used for the auto ads were completely safe. Not only would they not damage my car, but they also wouldn’t hurt my ability to open the doors and trunks, another concern I had.

MONAT Hair Care Direct Sales Company

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MONAT Opportunity

Our MONAT Directory Rep is: Joan Fettig

About MONAT, by Joan Fettig:

Modern Nature Is ahead of a trend, the hair industry is close to a 40 billion dollar a year The home party format is getting very challenging as people are busier and busier,
MONAT has created a results orientated product that we can share by test marketing and have a e commerce website, Made in the USA- No Animal Testing.

Simply Romance

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Simply Romance Opportunity

Our Simply Romance Directory Rep is: Carla Wilkes Rose

About Simply Romance, by Carla Wilkes Rose:

Here at Simply Romance you get a one stop shop for all your adult novelty wants and needs. We pride ourselves in carrying top quality products of all sorts. We carry a huge selection of relationship aid products for women, including makeup, lotions, lubricants, lingerie, toys and more.

Surveys That Pay Cash? How About $50 a Survey!

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Take MindSwarms Surveys and Rake in the Cash

You’re going to be hard pressed to find a survey site that pays better than MindSwarms. They pay $50 per survey. Each survey consists of seven questions and most people are able to complete them in approximately 20 minutes. That’s not a bad hourly rate! The fact that the surveys are fun, quick, and interesting is the icing on the cake!

The Catch

When I first heard how much MindSwarms paid per survey, I was instantly suspicious. The pay was just so much higher than what I was used to seeing. It turns out, the reason for the higher pay is because the surveys are a bit more intense than what you’ll find on most sites. They’re more like a survey you would expect if you were participating in a focus group.

MoneyMakingMommy Newsletter for 12/5/14

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What Are We Talking About This Week at Money Making Mommy?

Thanksgiving is over…. and I have the Christmas decorations up. Well, except for the real tree. My husband only makes it home one/two weekends a month, so we’d like to do the tree as a family. Speaking of my husband being away for his job — I want to say to any of the wives out there that deal with their husbands being gone a lot, you have my greatest admiration. This goes for single parents too. My Mom was a single parent and I knew it was tough, but wow, I had no idea how tough it is to hold down a job, blog, kids, house, cooking, pets, car…. ahhh! It seem insurmountably impossible at times. I give myself a lot of pep talks. And at the holidays, it just seems really tough. We work and work and we do our best and we want our family to have awesome memories – it’s a lot of pressure.

In Home Product Testing for Gift Cards with ExpoTV

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Your Chance To Do Some In Home Product Testing Videos

Product testing and reviewing seems to be one of those things that you either really love or really hate. I have always enjoyed getting to test out and report on products before the general public even has a chance to see them which is why I like working for ExpoTV.
When you agree to test a product for ExpoTV you have a certain amount of time when you can come up with all sorts of creative ways you can use the product. At the end of the testing period, you’ll have to create a video that reviews the product. Once the video has been loaded, you will receive some points which can be used to earn gift cards or purchase ExpoTV merchandise.
In addition to product testing, ExpoTV also sometimes has surveys you can fill out and you’ll occasionally be able to respond to a question a consumer has about a product, which helps you earn additional points.
The reviews are done in video format, so before you sign up for a product ask yourself if it’s something you would be comfortable demonstrating and reviewing while the camera is rolling. (If you’re camera shy – please look over other opportunities I have on my product testing page.)


Once you have joined the ExpoTV you will be invited to refer as many people to the company as you want. Each time one of the friends has joined the program, 200 points will be added to your account.

Test Products for Chatterbox

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Test Products for Chatterbox

I always feel a little funny when I start talking about companies that offer product testing deals to freelance contractors. Since most of these places don’t pay, they just let the contractors keep the product they tested, it never actually feels like work to me.
That being said, good product testers can score some pretty sweet stuff. I know people who have gotten several different computers and tablets. Not only did they get to use these products before anyone else, but they were also allowed to keep them.
One company that has created an excellent product testing program is Chatterbox.
The types of products that Chatterbox deals with includes;
• Health/wellness products
• Clothing
• Toys
• Pet supplies
• Food
• Over the counter medications
• Food
• Products to be used in the house
• Etc.

Get Started

To become involved in Chatterbox’s product testing program, you’ll have to fill out an application be accepted into the program. Space is limited since there’s a set number of products that need to be tested. Once you have completed the application process and log into your account, you’ll see a chat box. You want to pay careful attention to the chat box since that’s were information about products in need of testers will be listed. Chatterbox works hard to match products and testers so each person’s account will show a different set of available products.
Not only will you be able to access your account on your computer, but you can also use an app that’s compatible with Android powered devices.

Get Paid to Test Apps Through Testbirds

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App Testing for Testbirds

Trying to survive on a work at home income means I really can’t afford to ignore any potential source of income, or opportunity to save money that comes my way, which is why I sat up and took note when I first learned of Testbirds

What is Testbirds?

Testbirds is a company that designs mobile apps, some of which can be used to help save money on day to day activities. Even more importantly, they’re looking for people who would be interested in testing out the apps they’ve designed and providing feedback. This in turn, allows folks like you and me to get paid to test apps and websites.

MoneyMakingMommy Newsletter for 11/21/14

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What Are We Talking About This Week at Money Making Mommy?

Oh my goodness I’m getting a late start on this newsletter. But I took Wednesday off from both jobs — which I usually never do. But I needed some downtime. Just a day to do nothing. Well… other than cleaning house and grocery shopping. But honestly — I’m feeling a little fried right now, so I thought better just back away from trying to get “it all” done and take a day. So… it kinda put me behind on my blog — but that’s ok, I’m here right now doing it.

Answer Questions for Money at WebAnswers

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WebAnswers Lets You Use Your Smarts, Answering Questions for Cash

WebAnswers is a great way to use knowledge you already have to earn a little extra pocket money. Unlike some similar programs, you don’t get paid just for providing an answer. What actually happens is that you get entered into the Google Adsense. What this means is that each time you provide an answer, you will be creating an opportunity to earn a passive income, something all individuals who earn a work at home income need to strive for.

How Much will you Earn

The way that WebAnswers is set up, it’s difficult to determine how much money you will earn. The more answers you get that are rated best, the higher your earnings will be. Another issue is that some questions are popular and generate more revenue than others. The good news is that it looks like some people have used the site to make a respectable amount of money.
The good news is that you will be able to see how much money you have earned through the program. The way things are set up you can see how well your answers are being received based on views they’ve gotten. You should be able to use this information to get an idea about what topics receive the most reviews. So yes, you can answer questions for money – it’s as simple as that.
It’s worth noting, that if you answer WebAnswer questions you won’t get paid directly by WebAnwers. You’re payments will come from Google. You won’t be able to withdraw payments until you have earned at least $100.
When you start answering questions found on WebAnswers, you shouldn’t get discouraged when you only earn a few cents a day. Remember that all those pennies and dimes add up and before you know it, you’ll have a little extra money that you can use to treat yourself to a nice dinner.