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Online Jobs and Making Money from Home

Online me? Are there REAL online jobs out there? All online jobs are a scam, aren't they? Where do I look for online jobs?

If having an online job, or working from home is something you want to acheive then you need resources. You need legitimate job leads and as much information on working from home as you can get.

Every day I work on posting telecommuting job leads. I write articles on companies offering work at home employment. I also review programs that allow you to make money and save money.

Please know that my goal is to sincerely help. I charge no fees, only information to help you along your path to finding work at home.


MoneyMakingMommy Newsletter for 11/21/14

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What Are We Talking About This Week at Money Making Mommy?

Oh my goodness I’m getting a late start on this newsletter. But I took Wednesday off from both jobs — which I usually never do. But I needed some downtime. Just a day to do nothing. Well… other than cleaning house and grocery shopping. But honestly — I’m feeling a little fried right now, so I thought better just back away from trying to get “it all” done and take a day. So… it kinda put me behind on my blog — but that’s ok, I’m here right now doing it.

Answer Questions for Money at WebAnswers

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WebAnswers Lets You Use Your Smarts, Answering Questions for Cash

WebAnswers is a great way to use knowledge you already have to earn a little extra pocket money. Unlike some similar programs, you don’t get paid just for providing an answer. What actually happens is that you get entered into the Google Adsense. What this means is that each time you provide an answer, you will be creating an opportunity to earn a passive income, something all individuals who earn a work at home income need to strive for.

How Much will you Earn

The way that WebAnswers is set up, it’s difficult to determine how much money you will earn. The more answers you get that are rated best, the higher your earnings will be. Another issue is that some questions are popular and generate more revenue than others. The good news is that it looks like some people have used the site to make a respectable amount of money.
The good news is that you will be able to see how much money you have earned through the program. The way things are set up you can see how well your answers are being received based on views they’ve gotten. You should be able to use this information to get an idea about what topics receive the most reviews. So yes, you can answer questions for money – it’s as simple as that.
It’s worth noting, that if you answer WebAnswer questions you won’t get paid directly by WebAnwers. You’re payments will come from Google. You won’t be able to withdraw payments until you have earned at least $100.
When you start answering questions found on WebAnswers, you shouldn’t get discouraged when you only earn a few cents a day. Remember that all those pennies and dimes add up and before you know it, you’ll have a little extra money that you can use to treat yourself to a nice dinner.

MoneyMakingMommy Newsletter Week 46 [2014]

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What Are We Talking About This Week at Money Making Mommy?

Hey now!!
It’s cold this morning! Bitter cold. And our weird furnace keeps it like an oven upstairs, but it’s downright freezing downstairs! I yie yie! Because I’ve already spent one winter in this house, I kind of knew this was gonna be the way it goes with the indoor temperature. So I bought a small infared heater for the sunroom where I work. It said it heated 600 square feet. BUT, my sunroom isn’t a closed sunroom, it’s open to the living room and kitchen — so this little heater is never going to be the godsend I’d hoped for $139, but hey – if I scoot right up to my desk — it takes the chill off enough and I allows my hands to not freeze!

What else is new…
Hmmm… well I did interview for a part-time job. I know I already have a full time job, and my blog is a commitment as well — but I couldn’t resist interviewing and seeing what it was all about. Even though it involves phones, the flexible hours. Something the full time job doesn’t allow. And though I am extremely grateful for the full time job right now — I don’t forever want to be tied to a 42.5 hour a week job. Especially one that does nothing but deal with complaints and problems. I can see burn-out in the future.

Fronto Lock Screen App That Earns You Cash

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Put Your Cell Phone to Work with Fronto Lock Screen App

If you’re like me, you have a smartphone close at hand. Isn’t it a great gadget? Now, when you need to know the upcoming forecast, what interesting bits of gossip your friends have posted to Facebook, or have to check your email, all you have to do is grab your phone. Some of us are able to do so much with our phones, we barely touch the computer.
What you might not yet know is that you can now also use your phone to supplement your work at home income. It’s all thanks to an app called Fronto.

How Fronto Works

Fronto isn’t like any other paying phone app I’ve ever encountered. The apps I’ve used in the past only worked when I purchased something, such a specific groceries. The only thing Fronto wants me to do is use my phone, something I do anyway.
Each time I turn on my smartphone, I see all kinds of Fronto content on my screen. Some of the content is advertisements, companies that have clearly paid Fronto, but there’s also quite a few news articles, some of which I’ve enjoyed reading and never would have found without Fronto’s help.
If Fronto hasn’t shown you anything interesting, no problem All you have to is swipe your unlock symbol to the right and you’ll be directed straight to your home screen. However if you left, you’ll be led to the news story or advertisement that caught your eye. Most of the advertisements I’ve gotten through Fronto have been for apps that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.