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Accutran Global – Freelance Transcription Work

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Accutran Global (US and Canada) Review

Accutran Global is a company that relies heavily on the services of freelance contractors who are trying to earn a living while working at home. They have a variety of positions available, which include;
• Copy editing
• Substantive Stylistic editing
• Proofreading

BUT — Most of the work Accutran Global offers is transcription work.

Makeup Eraser Home Business Opportunity and Products

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Makeup Eraser Opportunity

Our Makeup Eraser Directory Rep is: Cheryl Hoffman

About Makeup Eraser, by Cheryl Hoffman:

Makeup Eraser is a Brand New Company and Ground Floor Opportunity! It is a cloth the you wet, wipe off your makeup, then wash it! That’s it! It can be washed over 1000 times. No Chemicals, just Water and your Pink Soft Cloth! Even removes waterproof makeup!

Accentus: Work at Home Opportunities for Medical Transcribers

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Accentus Review and Details

Accentus is a company that has been around for a while and provides individuals with an opportunity to make money at home doing medical transcription work. The company has ties to medical professionals in both the United States and Canada. They’re primary focus is looking for ways that the cost of medicine can be lowered.

Features I Really Like About Accentus

It has been a few years since I checked out Accentus, but when I first started doing transcription work for the company, I was really impressed by how professional they were. I was also pleased that they had set things up so my schedule was truly flexible. If I had an hour to spare, I could do some transcription work, and during busy weeks, I didn’t have to worry about finding time to complete work for Accentus. After working for a few transcription companies that wanted to lock me into a set number of hours each weeks, having the freedom to choose how much I worked was nice.
Another feature I really liked about Accentus, is that they never asked me to wait for a paycheck. The money I’d earned was always available exactly when they said it would be.

Teach Languages Online and Get Paid via iTalki

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Work at Home Teaching a Language You Love

If you have a knack for languages, iTalki is a great way to use your knowledge to supplement your income. The company is looking for individuals who willing to teach languages on a freelance basis. Unlike some similar companies who provide a very low compensation, iTalki has a reasonable pay rate and a really good reputation.
iTalki is a huge company. It currently has over a million clients, all of whom want to become more fluent in one language or another.

How it Works

The way that iTalki is set up, you simply visit their website and get signed up. Once you’ve created an account, you can create a teacher account. If there’s a student registered who needs your skills, they’ll connect with you and you can start earning money. It’s up to you if you want to use VOIP software or prefer working with Skype. The minimum length of a session is half an hour. After the half hour session has been concluded, your account will be credited.

ParaMeds Offers Flexible At Home Work

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Is ParaMeds a Reasonable Source of Work at Home Income

ParaMeds is a US based company that has been recently generating a lot of buzz in the work at home community. Although the information provided on the company’s official website is a little vague, basically what ParaMeds does is work with insurance companies to retrieve all sorts of information. A lot of this information is retrieved via the phone, which is where freelance contractors come into play.

What You’d be Doing

According to the ParaMeds website they currently have openings for people who are interested in;
• Requirements Retrieval Specialist
• Risk Management Specialist
• Outsourced Remote Underwriter
Most of the work you would do would be on the phone, though the company does give you the option to use Skype. Most of the calls would be to medical facilities where you would request information that pertains to a specific case involving one of their patients. ParaMeds prefers to work with freelance contractors who have experience working in customer relations, but the experience isn’t required.

Demand Media Content Editor Position

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Should You Become a Demand Media Content Editor?

Demand Media is a content mill that has long been a popular choice amongst the work at home crowd. They have a variety of work at home opportunities available, including positions for editors.

What the Company Does

Demand Media owns several different websites which they provide content for. After an article has been written by one of their experiences content writers, the project goes to the editors. Since the company does an excellent job of selecting talented and conscientious writers the amount of editing required will be minimal.

Crisp Thinking Hires Work at Home Moderators

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Moderator Opportunities Available at Crisp Thinking

Crisp Thinking is a company that handles all kinds of social interaction for companies so that their clients can worry about other things. The company has a very impressive client list which solidifies their legitimacy. This list includes well known companies like:

• Pottermore
• Sea World
• Moshi Monsters

Voter Research Offers Work at Home Doing Political Surveys

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Get Caught up on Bills with Voter Research

If you don’t mind talking on the telephone for a few hours a day Voter Research just might provide the at home work opportunity you’ve been looking for. This is a company that uses freelance contractors to help collect data about voters and how the general public feels about candidates and political issues.
Once you’ve been accepted to the Voter Research team, you’ll be able to connect to the list of company’s numbers which are stored in a cloud system. Most of the calls you’ll handle involve political surveys or are reminder messages letting registered voters that they need to make their ways to the polls and vote. Since you’re not trying to sell anything, you won’t have to worry about dealing with high levels of animosity each time you place a call.

What the Pay is Like at Voter Research?

Voter Research is very careful to make sure they don’t release any information about how much freelance contractors are paid, but considering the nature of the work, it’s safe to assume that you’ll at least make the minimum wage. Each week, the company deposits you earnings into Paypal. I’m not sure if they remove taxes from the payments prior to making the deposit or not.

MyFunLIFE! Mobile Apps – Travel Business and Rewards

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MyFunLIFE! Opportunity

Our MyFunLIFE! Directory Rep is: Peggy Board

About MyFunLIFE!, by Peggy Board:

Mobile APP Company, with Travel clubs, vacation packages, air, hotel, car, rail cruises, condos booking site. Soon to have a Health APP and a Business APP. Still in growth stage. Great place to get on board.

Craftsy – An Easy Way to Sell Patterns and Earn

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Use Craftsy.com to Sell Patterns and Earn a Passive Income

When you decide that you’re going to earn your living while working at home, you have to look into various ways that you can eventually earn a passive income. Accepted methods include doing things like joining an affiliate marketing program and writing eBooks. Something else you can try is creating and selling patterns on Craftsy.com.

How it Works

Handmade crafts and clothing have become really popular over the past few years. Sites like Etsy make it possible for people like you, who have the ability to hand make beautiful crafts with people interested in buying them. Craftsy.com takes things a step further. Instead of selling the crafts you make, something which takes time and generates in a single sale, you can convert the pattern you use to a PDF file and sell the entire pattern. Instead of generating a single sale making the craft, you could easily sell 100 or more patterns in a single month. And keep selling them for the rest of your life.

Make Extra Cash Making Sales Calls for GoodCall

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Use Your Sales Finesse to Earn

GoodCall is an excellent example of a new type of company that has been popping up all over the internet and providing freelance contractors with an excellent way to supplement their work at home income. The entire company is made up of a sales team that works from the home. They have created a platform that invites businesses from a variety of industries to outsource their sales task. Once GoodCall has the specs from the company, they take a look at their current team of freelancers and assembles a team to work for the company.

What You Do While Working for GoodCall

You should know that when you get accepted onto the GoodCall team, you won’t be an anonymous person. In addition to providing a professional profile, you’ll also have to be willing to create a complete bio for yourself which GoodCall clients can read and a high quality picture of yourself. Putting the profile together takes time, but isn’t difficult.