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Online me? Are there REAL online jobs out there? All online jobs are a scam, aren't they? Where do I look for online jobs?

Online jobs are becoming more popular. And with the economy causing more of us to be without a job, it's no surprise more people are looking for ways of making money from home, including online jobs. I understand this all too well after losing my job in 2002. The radio station I worked for closed it's doors and there I was with two kids, a mortgage and no paycheck. Sure, my husband had his job - but we were barely making it with both our paychecks, let alone going down to just ONE!

I wondered, could there be real online jobs out there - could I start making money from home? Or am I going to get scammed? What do I even want to do from home and what exactly are online jobs? Do I have the skills to be able to snag one of these online jobs I want when and if I find it? There are so many questions that cross your mind when you're faced with the monumental search of finding an online job or way to make money from home. I KNOW this.

So the creation of MoneyMakingMommy and the hundreds of pages here on the topic of online jobs and making money at home. I invested all my heart and soul into this online jobs website - while I was researching online jobs for me, that searching become my job! My site has become a labor of love. It has seen many designs, many changes - but one thing always stays the same. The online jobs resources I personally provide are free. I try to provide genuine work at home resources and online jobs worth checking into. My goal is to help you in some small way, reach your goal of researching online jobs ! My family I don't live a life of extravagance. We don't have a fleet if fancy cars or a great big house. Money still gets tight at times. The goal of this work at home site was never to get rich. It was to help people find online jobs. People just like me. online jobs

I am always looking for everything work at home, everything online jobs and reviewing it. Being a mom is hard and being a mom trying to find ways of making money at home too (to earn a living) – well that’s a double “wahmmy”. Those of us doing it – KNOW it’s not cake and those of us trying to do it, know it’s a ton of work too. So my reviews are here to make that whole money making section of your life easier. Maybe my experiences and reviews can help you avoid problems, or save you time! After all, online jobs don't just mean working for someone else. This section is to help broaden your ideas of making money at home and different kinds of online jobs! Of course I post online jobs that I find as well.

Moms all over the country are finding online jobs...

I know when I first started looking through online jobs back in 2002, I was scared. I thought - is this even possible? And when I do find something that I can do from home, will it be a legitimate work at home opportunity, or will it be some kind of get-rich-quick scheme that leaves me with an empty wallet and dashed dreams!

I admit, I did get scammed a few times looking for online jobs. Yep. I feel like now it was some kind of initiation into the world of work-at-home and online jobs. After being taken a few times by these get-rich-quick scheme type offers, I decided to start telling others about what kind of real work at home I was finding out on the internet and what didn't pan out for me. That way, maybe my experience researching online jobs and making money from ideas could help someone else that was looking for legitimate companies and real jobs. (By the way - the video below is a local news story about me and working at home! This is to show you that I AM a real person! Just in case you were skeptical about that! LOL!)

So what is the truth? Is there a work-at-home-job-resource that exists that can actually hire workers and allow them to work out of their homes? Because we've all seen the crazy data-entry job websites, haven't we? OH yes - they make absolutely nonsense employment opportunities. They get you all hyped up thinking, "I have finally found a home based career!" And then what comes next after you read all about this data-entry company's "legitimate" training and help? You guessed it - they charge a fee. Sorry....we moms are looking for no fee work at home.

I've seen so many claims from supposed work-at-home websites that it makes my head spin sometimes. Jobs for moms shouldn't be that hard to find! After all, we moms are able to multi-task and perform under pressure, right ladies? Many of us have had corporate careers.

Anymore I get really annoyed seeing the sneaky way a lot of "work-at-home-companies" lure people in, get their hopes up, and then at the end of reading all their info it says: Membership Is Only....yep, they are typically asking for some kind of membership fee. These aren't online jobs.

So what makes's online jobs website different?

For one, I'm a mom. There...we have that in common. Two....I have researched work at home looking for online jobs myself since 1999. Actually earlier than that because I have always been interested in direct sales and having my own home based business - I consider direct sales a mecca of online jobs. So many options. I started selling Avon at 25. So even 20 years ago, I was technically researching work at home! And now Avon is one of my online jobs. It brings in over $1000 a month for me and my family. Not bad.

So - ok - three, I am trying to make money from home. Just like you. My original goal in 2002 was to make $400 a month from home. Trust me - $400 a month was HUGE in my world back in 2002. Actually, it still is. You see, after I'd work all week at the radio station, which was 30 minutes from my house and get my paycheck. After I paid for all the gas it took to get there and the $100 a week for days care - I had exactly $125 left over. If you took out my lunches at work - We're down to about $100 a week. So if I could just make $400 a month, I would be making the same amount of money I made each week at the radio station.

So I begin my search for work-from-home-opportunities. These needed to be FREE work at home opportunities. I was now without a job, two kids and we were behind on our mortgage. Not the most financially secure spot to be in for me and my family. I researched night and day. Any lead I found, I submitted my telecommuting resume. I approached every company hiring professionally. Even if it was an independent contractor position, I was writing that cover letter, resume and following up.

Lo and behold - I got responses back. They liked my persistence. They liked that I was professional. I was willing to go through training. Whatever it took to land the job. I wanted a work at home career and I was gonna get it! I ended up working as a chat moderator, a writer and photographer. All great jobs for my situation and my skills. You need to keep this all in mind when you're researching companies that work from home.

Quick Online Jobs Hiring Tips

1. Search for online jobs every day!
2. Submit a professional resume.
3. Write a genuine cover letter and why you feel you're right for the online jobs you're applying for.
4. Be persistent! Follow up! Pick up the phone and CALL!!!
5. Be realistic. If they need someone that can type 65 wpm without mistake and you can't do that - don't apply.

OK -, more on why is different. I'm a mom. I need the supplemental income. I researched, applied and worked home jobs. I share all this with you on my site, for FREE. I talk about telecommuting resumes, cover letters, where to search for online work at home....all kinds of information. For you.

But the other resources offers are tons of ideas and money making programs. Some money making ideas I've tried, I actually blog my experience. Was it a legitimate money making opportunity? Or was it an epic fail? If it sucks, I'm not gonna keep on doing the program, and I'm going to let you know what I think. If it does work and I do make money, I share that as well. Many times I try and give screenshots, but sometimes the money making company doesn't allow income sharing, so I can't. But I do my best to share as much as possible. Sometimes I run across a legitimate way to work at home and I just haven't had the chance to personally try it out. But I share it with you just in case you want to check it out too.

I realize that I'm not sitting here right now offering you 100,000 of potential work at home jobs. I don't think anyone can do that. If they are saying they can - then I'd roll my eyes. And if they can - they should offer it for free.

What I can tell you is that you can search for a lot of cool work at home companies and home based careers here at absolutely free. We have a very nice job search that's super easy to use.

You can search for all kinds of different jobs:

1. Virtual Assistant
2. Ghostwriter
3. Customer Service Rep
4. Article Writer
5. Proofreader
6. Online Tutor
7. Bookkeeper
8. Focus Groups
9. Transcriptionist

..and yes, even data entry jobs!

The only thing I will say up front, is that these online jobs are not individually verified by me. If only. I simply can't do that. It would take the work of MANY people to pull that off. Just one mom working here! But, it is an easy way to see what is out there as far as telecommuting jobs, freelance work, online jobs currently offered and more. And's free.

So lastly, why come here and research online jobs? Why bother? Why follow me on Twitter, why become a fan on Facebook? Why sign up for my WAHM Wednesday free newsletter? Because I post work at home jobs! When I find something that looks legit and helpful - I post it! I also share a little bit about my life, my family....I want you to know I am a real person. I am JUST like you. I am trying to figure out this world of work at home opportunities and work at home scams. I want answers too. I open up my website to you and my life to you like it's my front porch. I'm not fake, I'm not rich, I'm not drop dead gorgeous (lol) - I'm just a normal mom at home with her kids and husband trying to survive the economy, survive our credit card debt, our mortgage payment, put groceries on the table.

Online jobs hunting and work at home success to you!!!

A final thought as you look around MoneyMakingMommy and all the online jobs resources. I am always looking for new, non-scam ways to earn money from home. Whether it's a freelance job, or a surf and earn program or a genuine work at home employment position. What I research and what I find, I will post here. NO question about it. Online jobs come in all shapes and sizes.

I know how you feel right now. You really want to find a genuine work at home job that is satisfying and that helps bring money in the door - and those online jobs seem elusive. People that are researching online jobs do it for many reasons - maybe they have a sick child that needs constant care, maybe they have an anxiety disorder that doesn't allow them to function well outside the home, maybe you've just lost your job and trying to find anything to bridge the gap with online jobs and work until you do find something. It doesn't matter the reason. What you need are real work at home resources. No scams. There is one person behind the scenes here - and I am doing my best.

"Kelly - thanks for all the online jobs research. This is a great starting point for me." - Kathy B., Minnesota

"I didn't even know I could be a customer service rep from home?! After applying for 3 of these online jobs I landed one! I am forever grateful" - Tina W. , Texas

"I was out of work and down on my luck. I didn't take the idea of work at home seriously. Now I know there are online jobs out there. I have more freelance work than I know what to do with! Thanks!" - Patty M., Maryland

"Your site was the only one that came up under "online jobs" that appealed to me. I am so glad I came here! I have hope now! God bless." - Yvonne T., Georgia

"ONLINE JOBS? WORK AT HOME? I laughed when I first came to your site. I'm not laughing anymore. I'm employed!! Thanks!!! - Kari N., New York

I want to thank everyone that has wrote me over the years. Above are just a few of the most recent. I will continue to reach out, search for online jobs and deliver them to you.


Freelance Writing for CopyPress So You Can Work at Home

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Freelance Writing for CopyPress

I realize that many of you are interested in freelance writing work. I’m always looking for companies that offer this type of work and allows writers to work from home. Actually – work from anywhere!
CopyPress knows that some writers write one style better than another, which is why they’re actively seeking two different types of writers. You can apply to be a specialty writer or a general writer.

Specialty Writers

This group of writers focuses primarily on creating blog posts. When you apply to be a specialty writer for CopyPress you will write content that focuses on a niche. During the application process you will be required to declare a specialty, and all assignments you receive will connect to your niche. The amount of work you receive will depend on the popularity of your niche.

Teleperformance Offers Work at Home Customer Service Jobs

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Review and Details on Work at Home Customer Service Jobs with Teleperformance

Teleperfomance is a company that specializes in handling customer service for a variety of different companies and they need people who are willing to help them out.
While I have not personally worked for Teleperformance, I have spoken to people who have and all things considered, they have the experience to be fairly positive. One of the first things everyone I spoke to mentioned was that all the people they worked for were wonderful, and that Teleperfomance did a great job of creating a comfortable, work at home environment.

The Application Process

Applying to work at Teleperformance is surprising easily and can be done entirely online. All you have to do is answer each of the questions posed to you. If the Teleperformance team likes you application and can find a place for you, they’ll welcome you to the team and start your training program for their work at home customer service jobs.

Freelance Mystery Shopper Jobs with ARC Consulting

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Review of ARC Consulting’s Mystery Shopper Jobs

Mystery shopper jobs are something I’ve always been interested in. I have heard good and bad. But I wanted to share a company I found that offers freelance mystery shopper jobs. ARC Consulting does pretty much what their name implies. They’re a consulting firm that helps clients improve their public relations, sales strategies, etc. One of the things that ARC Consulting does is provide secret shoppers which are a wonderful way for businesses to learn what aspects of their performance needs to be strengthened. Sometimes ARC Consulting puts out a call looking for freelance contractors who would be willing to act as mystery shoppers. What makes Arc Consulting different is that all of “mystery shopping” you do will be over the phone, so you don’t even have to change out of your pajamas if you don’t want to.

Is It Flexible

Admittedly, ARC Consulting isn’t as flexible as I’d like, but they do try. The good news is that they do have shifts going at all times, including weekends, and they do an excellent job trying to work around your availability.
The Pay
One of the things that really impresses me about ARC Consulting is the amount their willing to pay for their freelancer contractors. Pay is per call, so the longer the call, the lower your pay will be. The amount you’ll make ranges from $2.75/task to $12/task. You should know that you won’t get paid if you reach voice mail or get a busy signal, though you’ll be expected to continue calling those numbers until you connect with a real person.

Part-time Work at Home Proofreading Jobs with Proofreading Services

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All About Proofreading Services

If you’re the type of person who consistently makes marks in your books because you can’t stand the typos and grammar mistakes that sometimes slips through the editors at publishing houses. If you enjoy reading through an assortments of documents and want to earn a living without actually having to leave your home, you should check out Proofreading Services. They have a team of freelance editors and the chances are pretty good that you’ll be a good fit for the company. If you have availability and the desire part-time work, this is a great chance to proofread from home.

About Proofreading Services

These days there are all sorts of people who find themselves in need of professional help when it comes to things like creating content for their websites and academic articles and even books. Proofreading Services is the perfect solution. The company takes the completed documents, manuscripts, and website pages from clients and passes on to their editor team which is responsible for polishing the documents. The program was developed by a graduate of Yale University and has become very popular by both clients and editors.
One of the things that the company does which is different from every other editing service I’ve dealt with is that they have 2 members of the editing team look over every single document before sending it back to the client.
The company promises their clients both speedy and precise editing. If you plan to offer the company your editing services, you need to be prepared to work quickly and be very aware of deadlines when you accept a project.