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Like The Idea Of Being Customer Service for a Cruise Company?

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Applying to Work for Cruise.com

The good news is that cruise.com does have opportunities available for individuals who are interested in earning a work at home income. The bad news is that the number of positions open for independent contractors is limited.

Type of Work

Although there are times that the company is looking for an independent contractor who can handle a very specific job for them, for the most part, cruise.com is looking for individuals who can handle customer service issues. If you accept a position with the company, you need to be prepared to spend your working hours speaking to customers, and you have to expect a large number of the customers you speak to will be irritated and have a complaint about the company. Before applying, you need to seriously evaluate yourself and decide if this is the type of work you’re cut out for.

Write for Fabjob and Earn Cash in Your Free Time

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Fabjob Review – Details on Earning at Home Writing Guides

A friend of mine who works at home as a copywriter recently asked me if I knew anything about the writing opportunities at Fabjob. At the time, I’d never heard of the company but promised her I would look into it, and get back to her.

As of this moment, I haven’t worked for Fabjob, but based on the information I’ve been able to find, I think they provide a legit method for improving your work at home income.

Find Online Writing Work at Writerlance

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Flexible, Freelance Writer Jobs That You Can Do From Home

One of the hardest things most work at home writers encounter is finding work, this is especially true if you’re just getting your work at home business up and running. One of the resources you can use to smooth the way is Writerlance.com.

What is Writerlance.com?

Like Elance or freelancer.com, Writerlance is a website that puts writers in contact with people who need content written. Clients post detailed information about projects on the job board. When you see something that seems like it will be a good fit for you, you place a bid. When placing your bid, make sure you consider how much time you’ll spend writing the project and how much research it will require. Unlike some sites which lock you into whatever bid you post, when you’re using Writerlance, you can change, and even withdraw, your bid whenever you like.

Data Entry Work Available at Sigtrack

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SigTrack Offers a Flexible Work at Home Option

Not only does Sigtrack provide opportunities to individuals who earn a living working at home, but they recently announced that they’re looking to fill 500 slots, making now a great time to apply to the company and add another egg to your work at home basket.

What is Sigtrack?

Sigtrack is a data processing company that primarily handles information connected to various campaigns. They provide a variety of information that get passed on to candidates. In order to keep expenses low, the company uses a team of freelancers. Most of the information the company works with includes:

Jewelry In Candles

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Jewelry in Candles Opportunity

Our Jewelry in Candles Directory Rep is: Darlene Bailey

About Jewelry in Candles, by Darlene Bailey:

Fairly new company that began 2013. The candles are 100% soy candles that come with an added bonus – jewelry. Simply choose either a ring and size, necklace or earrings. Tarts are also available for warmers.