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Online me? Are there REAL online jobs out there? All online jobs are a scam, aren't they? Where do I look for online jobs?

If having an online job, or working from home is something you want to acheive then you need resources. You need legitimate job leads and as much information on working from home as you can get.

Every day I work on posting telecommuting job leads. I write articles on companies offering work at home employment. I also review programs that allow you to make money and save money.

Please know that my goal is to sincerely help. I charge no fees, only information to help you along your path to finding work at home.


Lifehack is Looking for Freelance Blog Writers

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Flexible Freelance Blog Writer Opportunity

Lifehack is a well known website that uses blogging to provide life hacking advice. The website is reported to have more than 1½ million monthly visitors. They’re looking for freelance writers who would be willing to write additional blogs.

What You’d Be Writing

Lifehack deals with a wide variety of topics, making it a good fit for any writer who gets bored when they have to write 10 articles about the same topic. However, before you apply to be a Lifehack writer you should be aware that the company isn’t interested in fluff. Any article they publish will be well written and well researched. This isn’t going to be a good fit if you’re a writer who likes to fill articles with fluff. So yes, you can be a freelance blog writer, but that doesn’t mean you can write anything. Only quality work is what they pay for.

Test Products for Chatterbox

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Test Products and Keep’em!

I always feel a little funny when I start talking about companies that offer product testing deals to freelance contractors. Since most of these places don’t pay, they just let the contractors keep the product they tested, it never actually feels like work to me.
That being said, good product testers can score some pretty sweet stuff. I know people who have gotten several different computers and tablets. Not only did they get to use these products before anyone else, but they were also allowed to keep them. (I have a whole section on Product Testing if you want to see others like this one.)
One company that has created an excellent product testing program is Chatterbox.
The types of products that Chatterbox deals with includes;
• Health/wellness products
• Clothing
• Toys
• Pet supplies
• Food
• Over the counter medications
• Food
• Products to be used in the house
• Etc.

Get Started Testing

To become involved in Chatterbox’s product testing program, you’ll have to fill out an application be accepted into the program. Space is limited since there’s a set number of products that need to be tested. Once you have completed the application process and log into your account, you’ll see a chat box. You want to pay careful attention to the chat box since that’s were information about products in need of testers will be listed. Chatterbox works hard to match products and testers so each person’s account will show a different set of available products.
Not only will you be able to access your account on your computer, but you can also use an app that’s compatible with Android powered devices.

MoneyMakingMommy Newsletter for 10/24/14

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What Are We Talking About This Week at Money Making Mommy?

I realize that it’s not quite New Year’s Eve yet – but I’ve been pondering my resolutions for next year already. I have the usual, exercise more, eat better, save money — but I always try to really think about what I want out of the year. What do I want to accomplish, what do negative things do I need to stop doing or get away from. So instead of waiting until the last minute, I think, ponder and dream a little bit about these resolutions.

I know for most that come to my site and read my newsletters, the hope is to find work at home in 2015, if not sooner. Maybe you’re expecting your first baby, or the kids are back in school, or you’ve recently lost your job. There are so many reasons why people need and/or want to a job from home. I get it, I really do. And life has handed me many interesting work at home jobs. Some have been great (chat moderator, tech support, photographer) and some have been boring or tedious (search engine evaluator, forum poster) — but no matter what, I am always thankful for the work that comes my way and the experience itself has helped me go after better jobs or employment that at one time, maybe I didn’t think I could do for lack of experience.

Freelance Writing for CopyPress So You Can Work at Home

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Freelance Writing for CopyPress

I realize that many of you are interested in freelance writing work. I’m always looking for companies that offer this type of work and allows writers to work from home. Actually – work from anywhere!
CopyPress knows that some writers write one style better than another, which is why they’re actively seeking two different types of writers. You can apply to be a specialty writer or a general writer.

Specialty Writers

This group of writers focuses primarily on creating blog posts. When you apply to be a specialty writer for CopyPress you will write content that focuses on a niche. During the application process you will be required to declare a specialty, and all assignments you receive will connect to your niche. The amount of work you receive will depend on the popularity of your niche.