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Selling cosmetics and skincare as a home-based business can be very rewarding. There are so many wonderful companies too. Many with state of the art anti-aging products and the ever popular mineral makeup. Below you'll find a list of Cosmetics and Skincare direct sales companies, each company will have a linked page with more info on products and the direct sales opportunity itself. Plus contact information to talk to a current company representative for a catalog, home party info or business details.

Makeup Direct Sales Companies

I'm not sure if any of the companies have opportunities to sell makeup with no startup fees, but I know several have low costs for startup. As well, there have been a few organic makeup direct sales companies here and there. I keep researching this topic because I'm personally interested in it too. I have talked to so many women that love mineral makeup, but it's not been a favorite for me. A few organic makeup consultants have been kind enough to give me samples throughout the years – but I've yet to find my holy grail. At any rate, home-based cosmetic sales continue to rise and I know personally from selling Avon that people love the convenience of shopping at home and snagging samples so that they can try before they buy.

Skincare Direct Sales Companies

I mentioned above anti-aging products, and of course… every year older I get — I think more about more about aging gracefully! And in my opinion, that includes lotions, potions and creams that perform! (Am I, right ladies?!) I do love the idea of organic skin care companies, so I am on the lookout for those too. I've actually started moisturizing a lot with plain ole coconut oil. It seems the move to more natural products is continually growing and more and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon. That means more natural products business opportunities for all of us! Yeah!

List of Cosmetics and Skincare Direct Sales Companies

– Nutrition, cosmetics and skincare line created for nourishing skin inside and out.
– Beauty and personal care, nutrition and household essentials that are formulated without the use of thousands of controversial chemicals and compounds.
JAFRA Cosmetics

– Over 500 products including skincare for everyone, make-up, fragrance, colognes, and more. Patented “Royal Jelly”.
– Infused with Aloeganic™ Aloe Vera. 100% Cruelty free. Free of Harsh Chemical Additives.
Venia Cosmetics
– Natural 24 carat gold skincare products for men & women.
Bellame Beauty
– Luxury skincare products without harsh chemicals and that follow European guidelines.
Tori Belle Cosmetics and Skincare
– Innovative magnetic eyelash/eyeliner products that distinguish Tori Belle from other beauty brands.
Vic Cosmetics
– Offering a High-end, Luxury Cosmetics, Skincare & Body Care Company all at affordable prices
TrūAura Beauty
-Cosmetics and skincare with probiotics that work with the bodies PH balance.
Mi Beauti
– Newer skincare and cosmetics company based on a Canadian make-up artist. They have magnetic lashes and more.
Color Street
– Nail enamel strips in long lasting, gorgeous colors.
MONAT Global
– Hair growth and repair products.
Seint Makeup (formerly Maskcara Beauty)
– Makeup artist home business. Teaching makeup application and more.
– Long wearing lip color, lip gloss and remover.
– Cruelty free skincare and mineral make-up. They also offer wraps, hair care and weight loss products.
-One of the oldest companies of it's kind around, they offer clothes, shoes, accessories, home decorating, kitchen utensils and of course skincare and cosmetics.
-New company offering safer skincare and cosmetics.
Blackbox Cosmetics
-Based in Florida, and founded in 2009 — they offer skincare, cosmetics, anti-acne and sunless tanner products.
Ever Skincare
– Newer skincare company offering a more natural line free of harmful chemicals.
-Newer direct sales company with focus on gel nail color and products.
Jeunesse Global
-Based in Florida, they offer a line that includes anti-aging and nutritional products.
Lemongrass Spa
-Bath and body line that strives to create products without harsh chemicals. (No animal testing!)
Limelight by Alcone
– Skincare, cosmetics (free of harmful chemicals) and beauty tools.
Makeup Eraser
-Makeup remover and skincare cloth.
Mary Kay
-Founded in 1963, this company is still going strong. Skincare and cosmetics originally – but now includes sun care and men's care.
-Based in Texas, the name of the company comes from the oleander plant which is used in some of their products. Skincare and cosmetics.
Perfectly Posh
-Founded in 2011, the company offers a line in bath, body and personal care.
-Named after the dermatologists that founded the company, they offer a large skincare line focusing on anti-acne products.
Seacret Direct
-Founded in 2011, they tout using natural dead sea minerals in their skincare product line.
Sweet Minerals
-Product line carries a wide variety of mineral makeup and brushes.
-Created in 2008, known for their fiber lashes – but carry a full line of cosmetics.

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  1. Selina May says:

    I have sold Avon for years with my mom and on my own but it just got to the point we were having issues with getting our orders and the fact that everybody around was selling to just couldn’t find customers for the competition so im looking for something different that doesn’t cost a lot to get started. Got any ideas would be helpful

  2. Melinda Wyse says:

    I’m a Avon rep. since October 1, 2018. I’ve had a good couple of months with Avon. Hard to get the younger women to look at it though. However, for us older women it has got great products and has great training for new reps. and good deals for the customers.

  3. Tyra Beauty has also gone out of business as of two months ago

  4. I’m a big fan of the whole Mary Kay company! So glad you included them since it was one of the first companies to do this model for women.

  5. Pink papaya is also closed. Be careful joining these newer companies! Everything that glitters ain’t gold!

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