Social Media Work from Jobs – List of Who Hires

Social Media Work at Home Jobs


Those these aren't actual employment positions, you can make some serious cash using your social networks. (To find actual jobs in social media, please see the job leads board here.) I'm finding that the more of these I find and sign up for, the more my bottom line grows each month. Kinda nice to have that extra cash.

Most are pretty straight forward and easy to join. (And yes, free to join.). Basically, you're paid to share content, like content and just be socially active. Something you're already doing! Even if your network is small, there is still a little money to make. Growing your network, or having a big network of course, means more money making opportunities.

Social Media Work From Home Jobs

Vox Media
– Work at home as a social media producer.
– They hire virtual assistants specifically for social media.
– They hire social media moderators for clients.
– (I've done this job! I worked mainly on the Facebook platform.) Work at home as a social media evaluator. Flexible & Part-time.
$99 Social
– They hire writers, copy editors and proofreaders for social media.
– They often hire freelancers to help with campaigns for social media clients.
– Similar to Appen they hire independent contractors to evaluate social media online. Flexible & Part-time.
– They usually are hiring for marketing account manager positions that focus heavily on social media.

Where to Find Work From Home Social Media Jobs?

You can also check out these other sites for finding social media jobs or offering your social media services.

– This is a platform that can help you get noticed by those looking to hire freelancers. Showcase your social media skillset and then start applying!
– They often have several jobs you can apply for in their remote social media section. Note: They do require a membership fee. But they are 100% legit, vetted jobs and the fee is super affordable!)

Additional Ways to Make Money at Home with Social Media

How to Make Money with Pinterest
– Big list of ideas of how to turn Pinterest into an income earner for yourself.
Meet Edgar
– Social media management company that offers social media positions and more.
– Haven't personally used this one yet – but signing up soon. You'll earn on referring others.
Sponsored Tweets
I've used this one for quite some time and earn around $15 to $25 a month just retweeting offers and coupons to my twitter followers. What's cool is most the time it's something us moms can really use! *Taken over by Izea

Another page on the site with programs like these here.

Am I Missing Other Ways to Make Cash Using Social Media?

Please let me know in the comments section below and I'll do my best to research it and add it to this list! Thank in advance for your help.

If you’re still looking for work at home, please be sure to check out the entire Work at Home Directory for more job ideas. As well, many have had success using social media to launch their own business. There are also many success stories from women (and men) that decided to venture into direct sales companies that fit their personality and lifestyle. Then, used social media avenues like Facebook live to reach more people. It's something to consider if social media is something you enjoy.


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  1. Another thing you can do is just go on something like Upwork and offer yourself as a “social media manager”. Businesses will pay good money to someone who knows how to create good content for their social media profiles – but be warned, it’s more work and more difficult than it might sound!

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