Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour (and You Can Work at Home!)

Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour

Top Work at Home Jobs That Pay $20 per Hour

Work from home jobs are a great way for many people to maintain work-life balance. But not all of these jobs are the same when it comes to pay rates. While most of these work from home jobs do not pay well, there are plenty of work at home jobs that pay $20 per hour or more. And while most of these work from home jobs require specific skills and experience, some of these work at home jobs also require you to have a bachelor's degree or a college degree. However, if you do not have the skills and expertise required to land one of these jobs, you can always develop the skills on your own. If you want to work from home (or anywhere as long as you have access to a computer and the internet), here are top work from home jobs that pay $20 per hour or more.

Work from Home Jobs Paying $20 per Hour or More

I have put together a list of work from home jobs that pay $20 per hour or more. Do note that there are companies and clients that do not pay $20 per hour or more for these jobs. So, I have put together a list of top companies and sites that pay $20 per hour or more for these jobs. However, I cannot guarantee all these companies mentioned below are hiring when you read this.

Writing, Editing and Proofreading

Writing online content for companies and individuals is a great way to make money fast online. However, not all content writing jobs pay well. There are plenty of sites that offer online writing jobs. You can bid on writing jobs on freelance sites, pick up writing jobs directly from a number of sites' open pool database or dashboard, or apply to them via online job boards. Typically you will be paid per article/post or word, so you will have to calculate your hourly rate based on how long it will take you to write a post, etc.

ProBlogger Job Board
ProBlogger Job Boards is one of the best online writing job boards that lists a wide variety of writing jobs online. You can earn more than $20 per hour as an online content writer by undertaking jobs secured via this site. Get more info here.

Freelance Sites
You can find many clients that pay $20 per hour or more for writing jobs on freelance sites like Upwork, and Freelancer. You have to find and apply to jobs that pay $20 per hour or more.

Article Writing Job Sites

Writers with certain writer levels at TextBroker, iWriter, Online Writing Jobs and other article writing job sites can earn more than $20 per hour, depending on how long it will take them to write a 500 word article, blog post, or web page.

You can get paid to proofread and edit documents online for Scribendi's clients. If you have a great eye for grammar, punctuation and spelling errors, and fast and accurate typing skills, then you can earn $20+ an hour as an online editor. Get more info here.

Web Design, Web Development and Web Engineering Jobs

If you are proficient in web design and web development. there are plenty of jobs online that require your skills to be completed. The payment varies wildly. However, you can earn much more than $20 per hour as a web designer, web developer, or web engineer working from your home.

If you have web design and web development skills, then you can earn over $20 per hour working for 10UP as a remote web designer, web developer and web engineer. Get more info here.

Github hires remote web developer or software engineer to work from home and pays well over $20 per hour. Get more info here.

Art & Logic
If you are a full-stack web developer or custom software developer, Art+Logic will pay you over $20 an hour to work from home. Art & Logic hires home-based web and app developers. If you have web and app development skills, then you can work at home with this company and earn more than $20 per hour. Get more info here. You can also see my post, Art and Logic Loves Freelance Software Designers (Work at Home!).

Online Tutoring

If you have experience in teaching, or have specialized knowledge in any particular academic subject, then you can make money from home by tutoring students online. Here are some online tutoring companies that pay $20 or more to online tutors.

If you scored high on the SAT, GRE, or GMAT, you can work as a Test Prep Expert online for Magoosh. The pay is $20 an hour on the weekdays and $25 per hour on the weekends. Get more info here.

PrepScholar Inc
If you have got a high score on the SAT or ACT, you can become a SAT and ACT Tutor for PrepScholar Inc. You will teach students across the USA online via Skype or a similar communication platform. Pay rates start at $30 per hour. Get more info here.

The great thing about Qkids is that you don't have to create the lesson plans. This is all done for you. You'll be teaching English to eager Chinese students, between the ages of 4 and 12. You will need a bachelor's degree or higher. Currently they are only accepting residents of the United States and Canada. Obviously, you'll need a computer with a webcam (stable internet too!) and commit to at least 6 hours a week. Get started here.

Revolution Prep
If you have a bachelor's degree and previous teaching experience, you can work as an online tutor for Revolution Prep and earn $20 to $30 an hour. Revolution Prep provides health insurance and 401(k)s to their remote workers. Get more info here.

Virtual Assisting

As a virtual assistant, you will generally provide a wide variety of administrative tasks over the internet. Some clients may hire virtual assistants to provide only creative or/and technical services and some may just need help with administrative tasks. However, you determine what services you offer and apply to or bid on jobs based on your skills.

There are many VA companies that hire virtual assistants to provide VA services to their various clients. Some companies and individuals hire virtual assistants directly via freelance sites and other places online. You can also advertise your services on Fiverr to land VA jobs. If you are working directly with clients, you may earn $20 per hour or much more than that, depending on your expertise and the clients you will be working with. Some VA companies pay $20 per hour or more to their virtual assistants.

Worldwide101 is a virtual assistant company that pays $22-$222 per hour to its virtual assistants, based on their experience, skills, and seniority. Get more info here.

Remote Medical Work and Medical Coding

If you have Registered Nursing Certification, you can work remotely as a triage nurse for CareNet. CareNet pays between $20 and $25 per hour, but those who are bilingual nurses and work evenings and weekends, earn more. You will provide nurse triage services, healthcare education support, and more services to the company's members. The pay is around $25 an hour. Get more info here. Get more info here.

Amphion Medical (now iMedx)
Are you a qualified medical coder? Then you can make money doing medical coding jobs for Amphion Medical. Medical coders are responsible for categorizing medical diagnoses, procedures, supplies, and services by code for medical billing purposes. Get more info here.

Precyse (now nThrive)
If you have experience with medical coding, you can earn between $25 to $30 an hour as a remote medical coder working for Precyse. Get more info here.


If you have excellent typing and hearing skills, you can work from home as a transcriptionist to earn money online. Transcription jobs pay per audio hour. There are many transcription companies that hire for general, medical and legal transcription jobs online. If you are interested in transcription work, you may earn $20 per hour or more, depending on your typing skills.

If transcription is something you're really interest in and wanting to move toward a career in, you explore a career in transcription via this free online mine course from TranscribeAnywhere.

If you have fast typing skills, you can get paid to transcribe audio recordings for TranscribeMe. Pay starts at $20 per audio hour for general transcription work. TranscribeMe pays a higher rate to their remote transcriptionists who have legal or medical transcription background. Transcription jobs pay per audio hour, but if you have fast and accurate typing skills, you may be able to make $20 per hour or more. Get more info here.

Scribie is a transcription company that offers freelance transcription jobs. The company pays up to $20 per audio hour. If you have excellent typing skills, you can be able to earn $20 an hour. Get more info here.

Customer Care and Call Center Representative

Many companies hire home-based call center representatives to provide call center services to their various clients. Call center representative jobs usually pay $9-$15 per hour. But some companies pay $20 per hour or more.

American Express
American Express is a very reputable work at home company that pays $15-$20 per hour for remote customer service positions. Get more info here. (My review post on American Express, American Express Work From Home Jobs)

Blue Zebra Appointment Setting
This is a virtual company that hires work at home cold call sales agents and pays $15-$25 per hour based on experience and skill level. Get more info here. (You can read my review, Grab Your Phone and Work For Blue Zebra for even more info.)

Liveops hires insurance agents for virtual call center jobs that pay $20-$30 per hour to top earners. Get more info here. (You might want to check out my LiveOps post, LiveOps Jobs [Hiring for Work at Home Openings ].

Working Solutions
You can earn $20 an hour or more, depending on the project you work on working for Working Solutions as a call center representative. Get more info here.

You will work as an Independent Sales Representative for this company. You will answer incoming calls for the company from their potential buyers. Top performing Independent Sales Representative can earn an average of $24 per hour. Get more info here.

In Conclusion

There is the list of top work from home jobs that pay $20 per hour or more. Apply for the job that best fits you. You can apply for more jobs if you have the skills.

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