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Immunotec is a nutritional biotechnology company in Montreal, Canada specializing in the immune system with Immunocal which is backed by 30 yrs of research & studies. Immunocal gives your body the nourishment needed to repair, heal & strengthen your immune system. It also brings an autoimmune problem back into balance. Immunocal is listed in the PDR. It's an all natural and can be taken by infants, elderly, women who are pregnant, taken with any medications, herbal & nutritional supplements with no contraindications. It is truly amazing and a gift of health.

The companies mission statement:
“To provide high quality scientifically based nutrition and wellness products which enhance the quality of life and performance. We thrive by empowering people to share an exceptional network marketing opportunity accessible to everyone. We commit to continued growth and prosperity for our Consultants, Employees, and Stakeholders.”

Costs Involved with Starting an Immunotec at Home Business:

$59.95 one time consultant fee include website and flash drive (everything on it to take where ever you go. Packages range from $99-495 which is all consumable. There is no stocking since it is a drop ship company. There is no monthly recruiting or selling requirements. Must have a monthly auto-ship to be paid commission but this what you would consume for yourself. Yearly renewal is $30

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