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Are you one of those people who have vast knowledge on a specific topic? Do your friends and family always ask you for advice because they value your thoughts and good ideas? Everyone is an expert in at least one thing whether it is getting stains out of carpeting, fixing a leaky roof or potty training a toddler. A lifetime of experience leads to expertise in something whether you realize it or not. You can even be an expert at something that you learned on the job. After all, if you have been at the same job for many years, you can probably do it blindfolded by now because you are that proficient at it.

With that said, we all still need help when it comes to almost anything. But that means going to different resources to get that help. What if all those expert resources were gathered in one place? What if your expertise was now worth something and the advice you give could earn you some money? That is the concept behind Ether.com.

Give Advice, Get Paid

Ether.com is a website that will pay you for your knowledge by way of the telephone. The first step is to get a free Ether Phone Number by signing up at 1-800-MY-ETHER. You will need an eight-numeric extension that is specifically for you. Have this number set to be forwarded to your actual phone number. This could be your home number, cell phone number, work number or any other phone number you choose. The whole set up is free and takes only a few minutes.

Next, you need to set a rate. How much do you want to charge for your expertise? You can set it by the hour, by the call, by minutes—whatever you decide. People can only call you once your rate has been paid first. You can take the phone calls whenever you like without worrying that your phone will be ringing off the hook. Simply set the hours when you want to receive calls. This can be done through the automatic schedule which is usually set so you do not receive overnight calls. You can also turn your Ether Phone Number off and on with your mouse or phone.

You are probably wondering now how people know to call you at all. Well, you have to do some self-marketing. Put your Ether Phone Number on your business card (have some made up if you do not already have them), on your website, blog, Facebook page—anything that reaches a wide audience. Do not worry about your real phone number. That is kept completely private. There are also Ether Buttons you can get for your website or blog that will let visitors know when you are available to receive calls. By clicking on the button, visitors will be guided through your payment process which entails a web form.

Your phone will only ring once a person prepays your fee. Their credit card or debit card will be billed by Ether for the amount and then you will be sent your money either by check or direct deposit. Of course, Ether needs to make their money too which is in the form of a fifteen percent commission. But there are no monthly, setup or connection fees for joining Ether.com.

Answering questions have always been one of the ways I earn extra cash each and every month. Just answering questions and doing short surveys for instance for Mintvine (Now Branded Surveys) has been an incredible earner for me. I've been able to add $40+ a month to my holiday savings fund month after month. Or even easier, PaidViewPoint which I've earned over $1,500 since signing up with them. Their surveys are actually fun and short!

The Cons

The one major downfall with Ether.com is that you are responsible for your own marketing. Ether.com will not do this for you so it is up to you to get the word out about your new endeavor. Some people are not comfortable with self-promotion or are not very good salespeople. This could become a problem when no one calls you and you are not making any money. The best advice is to start with friends and family and then move on to social media outlets like Facebook or Twitter. Simply putting the information out there is a start and if people respond to it, you can invite others through more aggressive marketing.

Is Ether.com a Legitimate Work-at-Home Opportunity?

Although the company is fairly new, there are no real complaints regarding their practices, payment or anything else. This could be good news or this could mean that not enough people have signed on yet with them. In any case, they do seem to be a legitimate company and not a scam. They do not ask you for any money—ever—and their fifteen percent commission is relatively small and is only done when you get a call that has already been paid.

Ether.com is a definite at-home work opportunity that could earn you a good amount of money because you set your fees (the higher the fee, the more you will make) and the calls are already paid for once you get them. You just have to be able to market yourself so that the calls keep coming.

UPDATE: The Ether site is no longer functioning. I researched to see if they rebranded, but have yet to find anything.

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  1. How often does Ether pay its consultants: weekly, biweekly or monthly?

  2. I currently have an ether.com call button on my website. It does work. I have also got paid from them. I hope they will start accepting new listings again.

  3. You can also earn money via email and sell digital content such as reports, photographs, podcasts, videos, etc. Simply send an Ether Mail with the contents you’d like to sell and set the price on the web now. I just went to the site and it’s at the bottom of the How It Works page. Cool! I am definitely signing up and learning more. This would be great part time! Make sure to read the Terms of Use when filling out your information.
    And then, once I signed up, under create listing, it says this: Please note: Currently, Ether is not accepting new listings. We apologize for any inconvenience. :(
    So, that’s the update…

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