Clickworker Review – Earn by Microtasking?

Is Being a Clickworker Worth It?

Why I decided to do a Clickworker review? With all the buzz surrounding the popular microtasking platform, we wanted to give our those seeking extra income the low-down on the realities of earning money with Clickworker.

We’ve spoken with actual microtaskers and scoured the employee reviews on sites like Indeed and Glassdoor to bring you a no-holds-barred, comprehensive picture of the best-and worst- aspects of Clickworking so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Ultimately, being a Clickworker can provide some extra income, but will not replace a full time income, especially one with benefits. However, the perks are that it's flexible and there are a wide variety of tasks.

What Do Clickworkers Do?

Clickworker is a freelancing platform where more than 2.2 million users worldwide earn money and rewards for performing small duties, or microtasks. The duties are typically relatively simple and straightforward and can be accomplished in minutes.

While most of the tasks fall in the survey category, other tasks such as text creation, website data categorization, and copy editing can typically be found on the site. Each task is labeled with an individual payout rate and schedule, so you can choose which tasks you’d like to like to accomplish. (Check out my post 40 Legit Ways for You to Make Money From Home for more ideas!)


In order to qualify for certain types of microtasks, you will need to visit the ‘Dashboard' section to take tests to determine your aptitude in various areas. These contain both base assessments and project-specific assessments.

Whereas base assessments determine your most basic qualifications for potential jobs, taking project-specific assessments can help you meet prerequisites for more skilled tasks. The more assessments you pass, the more tasks will be available to you.


Each task features a nominal payout, so you’ll need to complete quite a few to rack up a substantial sum. All payouts are in Euros regardless of your location. If you’re in another part of the world, you’ll need to convert the amounts to determine how much money you’ll receive. Each time your account reaches $10 (about 9 Euros), payments can be made via PayPal, Transferwise, or SEPA.
Average earning potential lies in the $9-10 range, depending on how fast you are able to complete the tasks. Individual tasks can pay anywhere from around ten cents to $5-10. In addition to monetary compensation, Clickworker also features offers to complete tasks in exchange for exclusive rewards and promotions.

Clickworker Positives:
These are the reasons you may want to consider downloading the app. Here’s where Clickworker shines:
Clickworker Negatives:
Here’s what Clickworker employees complain about most frequently or feel the company could do better.
PRO: Variety

If you’re a natural-born enemy of monotony, this gig may be right for you. In addition to offering new and unique tasks every day, Clickworker also offers several options for how you would like to earn your money.
CON: Support Responses

One common thread among the Clickworker employee reviews was inefficient and shoddy response from employee support. As a clickworker, you are encouraged to reach out to the support team when you have questions or problems in performing your tasks.

It appears that when you do, response wait times are inordinately long and when they do finally address your concerns, they are not known for providing particularly helpful or useful information.
PRO: Versatility

Because most tasks are simple and only take a few minutes, they allow you to utilize your existing downtime whenever that may occur. Many of the tasks can be performed offline, so you can make money even if your connection is spotty or you’re in a dead zone.
CON: Payout Rates

The tradeoff for the convenience of being able to earn quick money performing  simple tasks wherever and whenever you feel like it is the low compensation rates. While this information isn’t likely to shock most users, It merits mentioning that the typical payout for a small task is around $5.
PRO: Mobility

With mobile apps for both Android and iPhone, you can earn money wherever you go. As busy as moms are, most of us are all too familiar with the old “hurry up and wait” adage. Whether you’re waiting in line at the checkout, waiting to fill a prescription, or waiting for gymnastics class to let out, now you can make money doing it.
CON: Qualifiers

Not every Clickworker will be qualified to complete every task.

For survey takers, there are screening questions that must be answered to determine if you’re a good fit for each survey. If you don’t fit the specific qualifying demographic of a particular survey, you can’t take it or get the payout.

There is a similar concept for other microtasks. The information you provide on your profile  as well as the results of any assessments you take determine which microtasks you are qualified to complete.
PRO: Inclusivity and Ease

Anyone over the age of 18 can sign up and earn money, and the registration process is simple and straightforward.
CON: Demanding

Clickworker is very particular about the directions for their tasks. They are laid out in a step-by-step order, and if every portion is not completed exactly as specified, the task is considered incomplete and will not be rewarded. If you often struggle following detailed instructions, Clickworker may not be your bag.
PRO: Growth Opportunity

The more assessments you pass, the more tasks will be available to you each day. Tests tend to cause anxiety, but there’s no need to stress over these. Most allow you to retake them as you develop and hone new skills.
CON: Location-Specific

Depending on where you reside, there may not be tasks available to you at any given time.

Who Should Be a Clickworker?

If you’re looking for a quick way to make a few side-bucks in your existing downtime, becoming a Clickworker provides a legitimate opportunity. However, this is not a viable full-time work option to cover the bulk of most people's living expenses. SIGN UP FOR CLICKWORKER

Clickworker Review
Clickworker Review - Earn by Microtasking?

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