Can I Get Paid to Listen to Music? Yes.

Get Paid to Listen to Music

A Current List of All the Sites That Will Pay You to Listen to Songs

Turn your love for music into a way to make extra cash. It's certainly possible to add money to your bottom line by listening to new songs each. Some of these opportunities pay more than others. But they all do pay for the time you take to listen to each song.

Some of these sites will ask you to rate the song(s) you listen to. But they're not wanting an in depth review or anything like that. It shouldn't take up too much time.

The other great thing, is that most sites are user friendly and make it easy to listen to the songs they need reviewed or rated. This will make it even less of a time sink. And honestly, you might be surprised regarding the music listen to. Who knows, you might be listening to the next big over-night sensation.

There are No Fees Involved

These sites that pay you to starting listening to music are free to join. You'll just need to create an account. Once your account is created and/or approved, you can get started on listening to your first song for pay!

There are payout minimums – and each site is different. But if you sign up for multiple sites, stick with it for a month — you'll see that you can indeed get paid to listen to music. You're not going to earn enough to make a rent or car payment — but it's not extra cash that you didn't have before. Splurge on pizza, fancy coffees or stash into a savings account or a rainy day fund.

List of Sites That Let You Listen to Songs and Earn

Slice the Pie
– You'll be writing a review after filling out your profile. The better your reviews, the more you can earn per review. More of a time commitment, but they do pay.
– This one is the one I would tell most people to pick over all others for getting paid to listen to songs. You'll only need to listen to 30 seconds of each song. The minimum payout is $20, which can take some time.
– You're paid to listen to the radio. And, the nice thing is that they pay via PayPal. And, if any of you have a website or blog, you can actually earn by having RadioEarn on your website.
– This one is a little bit different, but I wanted to list it here as well, because you do get paid to listen to music. But, you're also paid to make calls. Last I checked, they paid $0.08 per minute. And, for those of you into cryptocurrencies, they not only pay via PayPal, but also Bitecoin.
– You'll be paid to listen to music and take surveys on the music you listen to. You'll be able to earn Amazon gift cards.
– This site pays you for more tasks than just listening to music. You can also take surveys, watch videos and advertisements. The good thing is that you only need $2 to cash out. And you can choose cash with PayPal or Bitcoins. You can also select Amazon gift cards.
– This one is a new one I found, but I like it so far. Because I listen with Spotify all the time, I think it's cool the way it can be tied to your followers for your playlists. You do need to have at least 400 followers. And it's not just Spotify, but also Apple music too. You'll be paid between $1 and $12 per song that you review. Which is very nice! They pay using PayPal only.

Music Lovers Can Snag Cash Listening to Songs

Gift cards, Paypal cash, cryptocurrencies, there's a little bit of everything here — but it's all paid for listening to music. I think it's reasonable to say that if you were dedicated and signed up for several of the sites above, you might snag $10-$20 a month. That's not gonna break the bank, but if you're just passively listening, which some of these sites offer, you're earning for just having some music on in the background. Some will ask for ratings or a review and that can be a bit more time consuming, but maybe give it a try. Stick with if for a month and see where you end up. If it ends up being something worth it for you – then you now have another way to extra cash.


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