Website Tester Jobs – Earn Cash from Home Doing Website Evaluations

Website Tester Jobs

Become a Website Tester – Job Can Be Done From Home

As a website owner – you're always wondering if your website is laid out the best way for users. Is the information easy to navigate? Is the content itself helpful? Do you have too much advertising? These are all questions that are hard to answer when you're the one that created the site, write the content for the site, designed the site, picked the colors and everything else. You want to be objective – but at times this can be hard to do. Having a website tester or several website testers look your site over can uncover valuable information for making your site even better for users that you hadn't even noticed.

This valuable information is something web owners are willing to pay for. And becoming a website tester requires no extensive training. So the opportunity to make money reviewing websites and providing feedback can be very lucrative for many.

How to Get Started Being a Website Tester

First, you must not be afraid to speak your honest opinion. Your evaluations are recorded by you and then uploaded. So you need to be able to speak clearly, concisely and honestly. You need to be professional and genuinely helpful with your reviews. You will not any special equipment per say – but you will need a laptop or computer of some sort and a microphone. Many laptops have a mic built right in. Some jobs will ask that you have a webcam as well. You obviously need a reliable internet connection as well.

There are many companies that offer website testing employment – however, the opportunity for this to be a career is not realistic. The work comes in unpredictable flows and there is typically not enough work for it to replace a full-time income. It can, however, add to the stream of income you are already working on. It can also add a nice reference under your “Work Experience” section on your resume.

Most companies will ask that you take a review test of some kind in order to be considered for the job. They do not hire you based on resume or experience. They need to KNOW that you can do the job – therefore they typically have applicants do a mock review of some type. Be prepared to do this review. Be professional and thoughtful. You'll want to be thorough as well.

Once you are hired as a tester – you will need to fill out a tester profile. The reason being – is that some website owners will want a particular demographic testing their site. For me… as an example, I would want a woman – preferably between the ages of 25 and 55. I might even ask that they be a parent.

Being a Website Tester – Job Description

Pay is around $10 per review. Some will pay more and some will pay less. Most reviews take anywhere from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

It is of utmost importance that your website evaluation is honest. Always tell the truth when reviewing a site. Even a site that is unappealing to you – you need state that in your review. My entire site was redesigned after having several reviews done on my old layout and format. The reviews given on my old site were invaluable. They were also brutal. After having website testing done it not only confirmed for me that I needed to have the website totally revamped – but it also gave me other insights that helped me beyond just design.

Where Are These Website Tester Jobs? How Do I Apply?

Here is my current list of web testing job sites. Some pay better than others, some are hiring now and some are not. But I am always updating the list as I find more companies offering website tester jobs.

1. Analysia

2. UserTesting

3. TryMyUI

4. UserLytics

Website Tester Jobs Income Reality

Like I mentioned before, this is probably not going to a full-time job. That is extremely doubtful. Even if you sign up for all the sites above (which I would do if this work interests you) – at most, in my opinion, you could make $100-$200 a month. That's doing one review a day Monday through Friday. And I don't see that happening for anymore. Now – I could be wrong. I've not signed up or done this kind of work.

If you want to see even more jobs like these website tester jobs, I have a bigger list of companies in the Make Extra Cash directory section for Website Testing.

If you have done this type of work – I would love to have your comments below regarding your experience.
I do think it's a great way for moms like us to earn extra cash from home. I could see this realistically adding $40 a month to your bottom line. If you add that to other programs and jobs you're doing – it can all add up to an amount of income that can really help out with most cash-strapped budgets.

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  2. Thanks Tanya.
    I’m going to try it as well. I love forums. I think there is such a community and networking feel using them. I’ve learned a lot over the years form forums – so hey, why not make some money too! LOL

  3. Thanks for the great info, I’m always trying to find new things to try at home. This sounds like something I would love to do because I am a very opinionated person. I can’t wait to do some more research and maybe even get started.

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