List of Direct Sales Companies: Self Defense and Protection

Direct Sales Companies That Offer Self Defense Products and/or Services

Though there aren't a lot of direct sales companies in this niche right now, I am always on the look out for anything does fall here. I think this is a great idea and I hope to see this resource page grow. But self-defense and protection is certainly something we all think about in some way or another. It's hard to watch the news and not hear about some type of abduction. Even in common places that are busy, like WalMart — sadly, nowhere is safe.

As well — many aren't even sure where to begin with finding some sort of self-defense. We don't all want to get a conceal and carry license and tote around a gun! Well – at least I don't. But pepper spray and other items like this that you can drop in your purse could come in handy. It could maybe even save a life.

Self Defense and Protection Opportunities List

Damsel in Defense

– Stuns guns, pepper spray, first aid kits and more.

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