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Rent Stuff

Rent Stuff – Huge List of Options

Are you looking for a way to make money in the on-demand sharing economy? Then you can make money renting out things that you own. There are many things such as your home, car, boat, parking spot, and even your tools you may be able to rent out to make extra money. There are specific sites and apps that allow you to make money from things you own. Sound interesting? Then keep reading to learn how you can make money with smartphone apps and online platforms that allow you to make money renting off stuff.

Rent Out Your Home and Apartment

You can rent out your home or apartment when you are away or out of your town to visitors or tourists to make money via some sites. You could also rent out your spare room in your home to earn some extra money. If you've got a spare room in your home or even if your whole home is available, then you can make money renting it out on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even on a long-term basis. Consider these sites available for you to list your home or a spare room:

Airbnb is a rental site that lets you rent out your own home while you are on vacation or out of town to make money. You can list your vacation home, second home, or even a private room in your home for others to rent.

Airbnb connects people with local homes and accommodations worldwide. It is free to register on the site and list your product on Airbnb. When listing on the site, describe your space, number of guests you can accommodate, and add photos and details. is a popular site for vacation rentals. People just like you and I can list our vacation rentals on this popular vacation rental site.

Wimdu is a rental platform or site for city apartment owners to earn income by renting out their entire apartment or just a single room. It is the biggest rental platform in Europe and it is available worldwide. Create your listing on Wimdu. Describe your property, price, rental period, the cancellation policy and other conditions you may choose to specify.

HomeAway is a reputable vacation rental marketplace. You can rent out your beach house, apartment, condo, cabin, boat, and more to travelers from around the world to earn a rental income. You set the prices, availability and who stays at your property. HomeAway takes a commission per booking.

Rent Like A Champion
If you're lucky enough to live near an area that hosts major sporting events, such as college football games/weekends, golf tournaments and racing events, then you can rent out your house for a weekend through Rent Like A Champion to earn extra cash on the side. Rent Like A Champion site is exclusively for listing houses near major sporting events nationwide so the competition is less, which means your listing gets noticed.

Rent Out Your Car

There are many different sites and apps that let you rent out your car when you are not using it. If you have an under-utilized car or/and one that is collecting dust, then you could rent out your car(s) to make a decent side income every month. How much you can earn per month depends on the market value of your car and the time.

These on-demand car rental services come with comprehensive insurance, so if there is any incident while your car is being rented, you will be compensated for damage by the insurance policy.

If you have a car that you do not use often, then rent it out on Turo to earn a side income. How much you can earn depends on the market value of your car and days per month your car is being rented. You can earn 65% to 85% of the trip price, depending on the vehicle protection package you choose for your car. If you are covered by commercial rental insurance, you can earn 90% of the trip price.

Getaround is an app that allows car owners to rent out their car to people in their vicinity. If you don't use your car often or if you have a car that is simply collecting dust, then rent out your car to earn great money every month. You decide how many hours your car is available for others to rent.

Say you have an under-utilized car or one that is collecting dust, then you can rent it out to other ridesharing drivers via the HyreCar app to earn passive income. List your car on HyreCar. When ridesharing drivers rent your car, you will earn money. You can set the weekly or daily rental price. HyreCar takes 15% commission off your earnings.

Rent Out Your Driveway

If you have a driveway you do not use, especially if is near to a bus station, hospital, a sports stadium, then you could rent out your driveway to make some extra money. Drivers are willing to pay to park their cars in your empty driveway.

If you have a parking space you can rent it out on the ParqEx app to others when you are not using it to make extra money. People are willing to pay for using parking spaces to park their cars in. You can rent out the spot by the hour, day, week, or month. You get paid at the end of every week. Living close to an urban center or downtown, a transportation hub, an event center, or even a hospital, you can easily rent out your driveway and parking space to others to earn extra money.

Help out your neighbors, and offer a parking space that they know they can trust and is near by. Or even let a neighbor store stuff at your place!

Rent Out Your Bike

You can rent out your bike while you are not using it to earn some cash. List your bike on Spinlister for free and make money when someone rents your bike. Spinlister has users in over 100 countries around the world. When a renter pays for a reservation, Spinlister takes a 17.5% cut of your listing fee.

Rent Out Your Storage Space

There are many people who want to rent your storage space for various reasons. So, if you have some storage space in your garage then you can rent it out to make extra cash. There are a few sites like StoreAtMyHouse that will let people store their things in your storage space. You could earn $15 per week or more.

Rent Your Gear and Photography Equipment

You can rent out your camera and gear to others to make some cash. There are people who want to use your camera, lighting, lenses, video recording equipment, and more. Kitspilt is a site that connects owners with people who want to rent your photography equipment. How much you could earn depends on the market value of your gear and days per month it is rented.
With Omni Rentals, you can rent out your sporting equipment, gardening equipment and expensive tools to others who are not ready to buy them yet.

Rent Your Clothes

You can make extra money by renting out your designer clothes. List your items on a site called Style Lend for free. When an item is rented, you will ship it to the renter. You will get 80% of the basic rental fee + a $6.50 dry cleaning fee. You can cash out your earnings through PayPal or Venmo.

Or maybe even sell your unwanted or unused clothes! Check out my post, Apps to Sell Clothes – Big List to Help You Start Selling Right Now! for lots of ideas that can help you sell your clothes without a lot of hassle.

Rent Out Your Tools

You can rent out your items when you are not using them to others to make some extra money. There are some sites and apps that let you rent out things you do not use often, such as drones, camera equipment, musical instruments, games consoles, and more.

Before listing your tools on a site, you should find out whether you are covered by an insurance or deposit when there is damage.

Rent Out Anything

You can rent out all sorts of items imaginable via several sites to earn extra money. You can rent out anything, from a power drill to a chainsaw, to drones. Many people are willing to pay for renting these things and more they need for one-time or occasional use. Zilok and Skipti are two popular sites you can consider for listing anything to make extra money.

Zilok is a rental site where you can rent out everything and anything like your room, guitar, LCD projector, snowboard, drones, high-end baby stroller, and more items across multiple categories. It's free to list your items on the site. Zilok takes a commission when your stuff is rented.

If you have unwanted items lying around that could be useful to others, then you can earn some money by renting your stuff out to others who want to rent them through a simple app like PeerRenters.

Many of us have something of value that we'd rather rent out than sell – making PeerRenters an option.

Rent Yourself Out

You can be a valuable resource. You can rent out yourself to people who want to rent friends from around the world. You can rent out yourself as a bridesmaid to make money. Consider renting yourself out through these sites:

RentAFriend is a website that allows you to rent yourself out as a friend to local people or people who travel to your city or town. People from all over the world can rent a local Friend through this site to go to a movie or restaurant with, hang out with, go to an event or party with, watch a sports game with, teach them a new skill or hobby, give them personal advice, or show them around an unfamiliar town.

If you are interested in renting yourself out as a Friend on RentAFriend, it is free to list a profile on this site. You can set your hourly rate. How much you can charge depends on your location and the activity they are planning with you, but realistically you can earn $10-$50 per hour, depending on the activity planned. You can also enjoy perks like meals, trips, tickets, etc., depending on the activity.

Bridesmaid for Hire
Bridesmaids for Hire is a site that connects those in need of hiring various bridesmaid services like wedding planning, virtual support, acting as a bridesmaid or maid of honor on the big day with those who would enjoy renting themselves out a bridesmaid. If this option sounds interesting, consider applying to Bridesmaids for Hire.

In Conclusion

You can make extra money or earn an income by renting out various items that you own. How much you can make depends on what you want to rent out, the demand of your stuff, and your rate. Most sites listed above let you join and list your items for free, but they take a commission which varies from site to site.

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