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Mail Decoy Tasks and Assignments

There is a lot of curiosity about becoming a mail decoy. Questions like, is it real or what do you do exactly are asked all the time. I must admit, when I first heard about it – I was curious as well.

Though these are not “jobs”, you can earn cash and points that can be redeemed for doing something as easy as “getting mail”. Most companies ask you to monitor your mail and send in junk mail. Your earnings for monitoring mail are gonna range from about $10 a month to $200 a month. Obviously, it's all going to depend on how much mail you process.

Most mail decoy companies are wanting to monitor how long it takes mail pieces to arrive.

Becoming a Mail Decoy Agent

Below you'll find a list of companies that offer mail decoy opportunities. Once you've signed up and been selected you'll start receiving mail at the address you input on your application. Be aware, that the mail you receive will probably not be your address. This can be really confusing for your mail carrier. You might make a point to let them know that you're doing mail decoy work and that this is probably meant to be delivered to you. This will prevent it from being returned and interrupting your decoy work.

Though each company might be slightly different, what they want to know is what you received. They will have you log each piece of mail in their own format. And what happens to this mail when you're done logging it? Guess, what? You're expected to hang on to EVERY piece for at least 6 months from these decoy jobs. (Though I have heard that some only require you to hang on to it for a month.) I'd suggest making sure you have somewhere to store 6 months worth of mail! A garage or basement area might be ideal.

Mail Decoy Opportunities

Small Business Knowledge Center
– Basically they want you to send junk mail to them that is insurance or financial related. They give you the pro-paid envelope to send it in as well.
Local Influencer
– You're paid $15 a month flat rate. I think basically you're giving them permission to market to you.**I've had a reader contact me and tell me that Local Influencer has put their program on hold for now due to costs.
Hausernet Decoy
– I've heard bad and good about this company. Not sure if they are even taking decoys right now – but I mention it in case someone else has info and wants to comment below and give us the scoop.
US Monitor
– So you won't get rich – but the potential to make $120+ a year is there.

Do you make money as a mail decoy? Keep reading…

If you're currently making money as mail decoy, please share your experience below in the comments area. We would love to hear from you. As well… if you know of a company that offers mail decoy work that I don't have listed, let me know. Feel free to ask questions in the comments area below as well. Thank you.


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  1. US Monitor actually pays quite well,150.00 or more a month:):):):)

  2. @Barbara
    Hi! Thanks for coming to the site! I’m glad you enjoy it! I don’t think you need a referral — I think you just click on the “Enter as Referral” and fill out the info. Unless I’m missing something.

  3. Hello – I have a question about Reportez, but I wanted to tell you how much I really enjoy your website! I’m disabled and at home, so I can no longer work, but social security, while a huge blessing, isn’t even a quarter of what I used to earn, and my expenses haven’t changed with my circumstances, so being able to add a little every month is also a blessing.

    I was wondering, i tried signing up with Reportez, but it’s asking me for a referral. I don’t see any other way to sign up, am I missing something?
    Thank you!

  4. I tried to sign to local influncer but it leads to an error page each time.

  5. Thank you @laurice! I’m glad you come by and visit and enjoy the updates I send out :-)

  6. thank you. your ideas are very interesting. i your emails every day.

  7. @mommyduwal
    Thank you so much for your insight into US Monitor and their mail decoy program!! I know other readers will love having this insight.

  8. mommduwal says:

    (Adding to my US monitor comment above)…It is good at least to get on their waiting list, because if someone does leave, they will call you and it’s basically whomever responds to their call first.

  9. mommduwal says:

    Yes Kelly I have tried Hausernet about 8 years ago, and frankly I am shocked they are still around. I had trouble getting payment for the one piece I received after a month waiting. But then August of 2007 I started with US Monitor and still with them this day. They are hard to get into because no one leaves this job. (Who would it’s easy just entering mail you receive each day). You must have patience with these types of companies I realize. The first year, I didn’t get anything but test mail. And I got a stipen of like $10-$15 a month. (I was on a waiting list to get hired there for almost a year before). Money does vary, we are not allowed to tell our income because no one gets the same amount but it’s 25cents per mail piece entered plus your stipen. (Sometimes it’s 50 pieces a day, sometimes it’s more or less so your mailman may complain…lol). But it’s every day I get mail. The people there are so nice at US Monitor. Pay is once a month mailed. Good luck to any who apply. And I can’t say enough that patience is a must. (Maybe I left hausernet too quickly, but that one was very hard to reach back then). Hope this helps.

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