Investigating – Jobs for Typists or Scam?

“Full review of Quicktate – a transcription company offering work at home jobs.”

Transcriptionists and Employment

One of the earliest work from home opportunities that gained a great deal of attention was the transcription industry. About a decade ago, thousands of people were flocking into medical transcription classes, believing it was the wave of the future. Everyone was shocked when it all fell apart and computers took over transcription in hospitals and doctor’s offices 95% of the time. Still, transcription opportunities continued, but they moved from medical complexes to home offices. Today’s transcriptionists work from home by listening to audio recordings of voicemails, lectures, insurance adjustments, court proceedings, and doctor’s notes. Then they transcribe what is heard into text.

Quicktate Overview

That brings us to This transcription company launched in 2008. They have been around long enough that people trust that they are a legitimate work from home opportunity. When you sign up, you can do transcription in a variety of fields. Some of it will require more specialized training, particularly if you need to understand medical terminology or legal jargon while you are typing. (See my post, Online Transcription Jobs That You Can Do From Home for even more work at home transcription jobs.)

Some don’t feel comfortable with the prospect of legal or medical transcription, so they choose to do a different variety involving a virtual call center. These services require you to type while you are on the phone and you will need a really quiet place to work if you want to be successful. If you are a middle-aged woman with no kids at home, this is a great option. However, if you are a mom with toddlers underfoot and screaming preschoolers covered in play dough, this might not be such a good idea. That's not to say it's impossible – but you would need to have a quiet place to work and enough time to work. If you can work your schedule to coincide with naps, preschool or after the kids go to bed – you might be able to carve out enough time to make this work for you.

How Much Will Quicktate Pay Me?

At, you get paid per word just like with other transcription services. Rates vary from ¼ cent per word to ½ cent per word depending on what you are typing. Most of the time, you will be transcribing voicemail messages which only last a minute or so. Obviously, this doesn’t lend itself to big money, but if you do it continuously and work is always available, it really could add up over time. If you are especially worried about the money part of things, keep in mind that Quicktate offers an escape clause. If you do really well and excel at transcription, they might just offer you a position with iDictate, their sister company which pays twice the amount of Quicktate. So there is always a chance to move up in pay if you know what you’re doing. We all have to start somewhere, right?

Quicktate makes payments through PayPal twice each month. You can work flexible hours, deciding when you want to work and when you want to quit. Quicktate transcriptionists can do as little or as much work as they want. The service is available 24 hours per day so if you want to work late at night after your family is in bed, it’s a perfect opportunity.

Are Their Requirements to Work for Quicktate


Working for Quicktate does have a few requirements. You need to be experienced with transcription (this goes without saying). Every now and then, they will hire someone with no experience, but this is pretty rare from what most people are saying. You also need to be able to spell correctly and use the right punctuation. You need good hearing if you want to transcribe accurately and you are also going to need your own equipment and workspace (It’s working from home after all!).

Is Quicktate Open Only to USA Residents?

From what I can tell – they are open to several countries. I think as long as you can have a verified PayPal account, they can pay you. PayPal is global – so I would assume if you have the skills – you can get hired. But when I say “hired” I mean you're an independent contractor. You are NOT an employee. You are responsible for your own taxes and there are typically no benefits like insurance and 401K.

Quicktate Appears Legit

So what is the verdict? Is Quicktate worth your time or just a waste of time? After close investigation, it looks totally legit. While the payment rates aren’t the best, it’s like any other work from home opportunity. You have to find the niche you are good at and then find a way to make it work for you. It might not provide a full-time income, but it can be a good source of extra money when you are running a little short. If you are a fast typist and have experience in transcription, it just might be the perfect job for you! Get more information and to apply here.

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    I am very interested in working for Quick Tate. I just need a little more information about the equipment I will need to successfully apply and be hired by you. I am willing to get whatever is needed within reason. I am a middle aged woman with an
    extensive background in transcription, and plenty of time on my hands.

    Thank you for your speedy response.

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