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Get Paid Ads

Still Earning From a Program I Joined 10 Years Ago!

Making money at home is a cool idea that can encompass many things. How about if you get paid to read ads in your email? Or how about getting paid for ads that you can watch? You can.

When I first started researching this – I had thoughts of past programs like All Advantage which collapsed and those of us that where
working hard to grow our referrals and look at ads found ourselves suddenly with no income from All Advantage – it all fell apart for a lot of programs when the dot com bubble burst.

But the internet has continued to grow and become even more prominent in people's lives. We're watching movies online, TV online – we're staying in touch online with FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and more. And with this huge amount of growth come new and better “get paid ad” programs.

Get Paid Ads = Get Paid

So how does it work for most of these “get paid ads” programs? The bottom line is that advertisers of all shapes and sizes, from BIG brands and household name products to the small guy trying to grow his blog want attention. They all want to grow their customer/visitor base. This in turn helps them sell more, make more….and that's the goal for most us, right? We can't pay our bills without money and most of us want to make our OWN money. Companies too — need to make money.

So beyond the reach of radio and TV – there is the internet and mobile phones and this has broadened the scope and reach for advertisers. Just in the past 5 years it's like the internet has exploded. Social media has really played a huge part in this. Along with better internet connections and internet connections reaching more and more remote areas of the world.

So now the advertisers tap into this. They want OUR attention. Those of us surfing the net. Just like me, many moms are at home on their computers surfing around anyway. Why not try to market to us via internet? That's all well and fine – but hey, I want to make some money too.

Get Paid Ads Programs

So who out there is willing to pay us for looking at these ads? Can we get paid to watch commercials? Yes! Can we get paid to read ads via email? Yes! Can we get paid to read web-based (in your browser) ads? Yes!

There are several companies out there right now that are willing to pay people to view ads and refer others to view ads. They offer cash jackpots, cash and rewards. Typically the way to really make money with these programs is to refer others. I'm not gonna lie – that's typically the money boost right there. Then you are actually making more income off every ad they view as well. As you can see – more people means more money.

For instance, when I fist started with Hits4Pay in 2006 and I had a few referrals – and I made about $35 a month. That's still a good amount of money for just reading a few ads and telling other people. But now….2 years later – after continuing to tell others and continuing to view every ad I get – I now average between $150 and $350 a month! I included a shot of my current commissions below so that you can see for yourself. Has it been worth it? You bet.

hits4pay payments

2017 Hits4Pay Update:

I am still using Hits4Pay. Yep… after all these years. At this point, I have over 1,700 referrals. Not all of them are regular Hits4Pay users. As a matter of fact, I'd say half aren't active really at all. As well — advertisers just don't pay as much as they used to 10 years ago. But, that being said — I still read every email I get and I continue to share the opportunity with others. I average about $50+ a month. I've posted an image below of my account balance right now, which is over $56. If you haven't signed up for Hits4Pay, you might give it a shot this year. Hits4Pay

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