How to Get Paid for Posting in Forums and Which Sites Pay

forum posting

Earning Extra Cash Through Forum Posting Tasks and Jobs

Though this isn't a full-time job – you can earn enough to pay for some of your holiday shopping, a utility bill each month…. or just sock it away for an emergency.

Forum posting can also be fun, especially if it's a topic or thread you enjoy. You can meet a lot of people as well – and networking can be helpful in finding other ways to earn online.

By signing up for all the sites below, you could make a nice little sum of cash each month.


– Though not their primary focus for earning online, they offer members the opportunity to easily make $3 per month posting in their forum. That's $36 a year – or for me, that's nine Starbucks lattes each year!

Post Loop

– I've had great success with this site. I like that the pay via PayPal too.

Professional Forum Posters

– You'll be tested before you can become a poster – but they pay .25 cents a post.

Extra Dime

– Basically posters get paid to find deals for everyone to check out.

Kickstart Your Forums

– Not a lot of money to be paid, but they do seem legit and pay on time.

Paid Forum Posting

– One of the long standing paid to post sites. They have clients paying big money for quality posting – that translates to better pay for posters.

Do you make decent cash posting in forums? Keep reading…

If you're currently posting in forums and making a few extra bucks, or you have done this type of work in the past – please share your experience with all of us in the comments section below. Also – if there are other forums that pay you to post, let me know. I'd like for this page to be the very best resource possible for those seriously interested in making a few extra bucks each month doing this type of online work. Thanks in advance.


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