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In love with the idea of having your own home business that revolves around clothes? You're not alone. In fact, there are many home businesses that allow you to start up your own fashion business for much less. These home party plans and online stores let you run the show, earn a commission and do something you love without having to build it from scratch and with a lot less stress.

More and more direct sales that spotlight clothing are cropping up. There are certainly much more to choose from than say, 5-6 years ago. More and more ground floor opportunities seem to be opening up. Direct sales companies are a great way to tip-toe into a business you're thinking about starting on your own, or a great way to build a business without all the risk doing something you're passionate about.

I've noticed that recently there seem to be a lot more “boutique” style clothing businesses cropping up. This is awesome in several ways for those interested in having a clothing home business without starting it from scratch on their own. For one, people are more and more looking for unique clothing that can't be found at big box stores. They love the idea of having fashion items that can't just be “picked up” at the mall. As well — fashion is no longer for the size 0 to 2's. The average American woman weighs 165 pounds and is a 12 or 14 in clothing size. Great clothes shouldn't be just for the super thin. I love that! So offering beautiful, comfortable and fashionable clothes for women, children (and men in some cases) of all sizes and shapes is long overdue. Not to mention — you can shop for most direct sales right from your home. So convenience is an added perk!

Below you can find all the latest clothing direct sales companies that I've come across lately. I'll add more as I find them — so come back often or bookmark this page!

Clothing/Fashion Home Business & Direct Sales

Style Dots

–  Jewelry line and accessories.

Lilla Rose

– Hair fashion and accessories.

Maverick the Collection

– Latest styles launched bi-weekly. Ground floor opportunity.

Tracy Negoshian

– Boutique fashion that includes print dresses and separates.

Sweet Cheek Leggings

– Comfortable, peach fuzz leggings that come in dozens and dozens of bright, colorful, fashionable patterns.

CC Originals

– A home business based around comfy, graphic designed clothing.

J.Elizabeth Boutique

– Fashion that includes comfy logo tees, boutique clothing, hats and accessories.

Buskins Leggings

– Fashion leggings. Earn commissions on your leggings sales and referrals.

Color Street

– Fashion for your nails. A variety of nail art and colors to choose from.


– Wide range of clothing, including leggings, dresses and tops.

Honey and Lace

– Newer company with a variety of clothing for both women and children.

Agnes and Dora

– Boutique clothing — boho style.

Leilah & Luke

– Mommy and me clothing (also clothes for men and boys too!)


– Makeup and skincare line with vegan and gluten free options.

LuLaRoe Comfort Fashion

– Clothing and accessories. Dresses and more.


– Shapewear and jewelry.


– Newer direct sales company that focuses on gel nailware and products.

Ruby Ribbon

– Shapewear

Vintage Couture

– Children's high end boutique clothing.

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