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  1. Sal Willalko says:

    I only see one kit to join CS for $129. Do you have a link to “the larger kit is $299”? Thanks!

  2. Kelly Land says:

    I wanted to get back with you on selling Color Street nails in a retail setting or boutique shop. I went through their policy and procedure guidelines and found the following — so it is prohibited:

    “2o – Retail Displays/Pop-Up Shops
    Independent Stylists are not allowed to set-up permanent or semi-permanent product or two-finger tester displays or
    sell products in a retail establishment, with limited exceptions noted below. A marketing display limited to catalogs,
    printed flyers, business cards, and a sign is permitted as long as the branding guidelines are followed. Products are to
    be sold at in-home Nail Bars, one on one, at short-term vendor events or through the Color Street PW. A retail location
    includes, but is not limited to, mall booths, boutiques, hair salons, nail salons, grocery stores, flea markets, farmer’s
    markets, restaurants and other permanent establishments. Events that repeat more than eight (8)times in a calendar
    year are considered retail locations and are prohibited (for example, a weekly farmers market, or monthly flea market).
    Short-term events – for example, a Nail Bar – lasting no more than one (1) day each may be held up to eight (8) times
    a year at the same location, with products being sold at the event. Please see policy 4p Trade Shows/ Expos/ Booth
    Events for more information.”

    I hope this helps. Because it’s direct sales, I was pretty sure it was a no-no. This confirms it.

  3. Kelly Land says:

    I don’t think they can be sold retail — that would defeat the purpose of “direct sales” reps — but I’m going to reach out and ask my upline just to make sure.

  4. Kerri A Lamm says:

    Are these products allowed to be sold by individuals in boutique stores?

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