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Sweet Cheeks is primarily a direct sales company that allows wholesale reps to earn significant profits on every sale they make. Most of our reps use leggings parties to find customers, but fundraisers, basket sales, gift shows, retail outlets, and other venues have also been successful avenues to generate income.

Qualified reps purchase inventory from Sweet Cheeks (minimum wholesale order is 50 pairs) at 50% off retail (retail is $20/pair). There is no minimum number of orders to place as a rep, no monthly fees, no downline to manage, and no required sales volume. You work as you choose and are rewarded accordingly. Last year, the top rep in Canada generated over $40,000 (CAD) in profit. She accomplished this while working part-time in a small city, but she was highly motivated with a strong network of friends. Other reps have hosted 1 or 2 parties and called it good. On average, reps sell 100 pairs a month. It really depends on your sales skills and willingness to find opportunities.

Leggings party sales range from $500 to $3,000, with the average party generating approximately $900 in sales. Once costs of inventory, incentives, credit card processing fees, and host rewards are factored in, our reps earn a little over 40% profit, or an average of $360 for a single evening. Some reps host 1 party a month, while others host 1 or 2 a week.

How Much Does it Cost to Join?

$500 for inventory (50 pairs of leggings)

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