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What is Chalky & Company??

Some people still don't know.

Where can you…

*open your door and find assembled wood kits, paints, stencils, and all supplies ready for you?

*have your own dedicated studio space and not have to pay a franchise fee?

*advertise in sale sites like Etsy, FB Marketplace, etc. to sell your completed Chalky & Company projects?

*not have to worry about coming up with new wood project ideas?

*not have to buy font licenses?

*not have to worry about shopping for wood, cutting wood and sanding wood for projects?

*not have to purchase, maintain and cut vinyl?

*find a place that takes care of all of this and pays you commission?

The answer is at Chalky & Company! I place my workshop order online and then I open the boxes when they arrive!! The unfinished projects are inside with all the kit contents (stencils too) included. Our kits are made and branded with quality #2 Pine. We teach the customers how to mix the no VOC latex paint with our 100% Natural Painter's Powder, how to glaze, reverse glaze, distress, fade out, and add and paint the stencils. Shimmer paints, waxes, top coats, and quality brushes are all here too! Your customers go home with a fun and creative project to proudly display in their home! We have a great time at a Chalky & Company Workshop! We are a one-stop Chalky Painting/Vintage making/Shabby Chic creating company! We offer furniture workshops too using our great products! Prices range for our kits from $18 – $70.

What is the cost to join?

$99 starter kit, $39 mini starter kit, or $10 for a limited time (no kit) plus $10 monthly fee for website fee. First 3 months are free for website fee.

Get in Touch…

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