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Tula Xll is a new direct selling company featuring the most unique customizable planners/organizers on the market today.

No matter what your lifestyle you can build your planner/organizer to suit your life and your needs, and change it simply as the need arises.

Products are stylish and well made. Everyone at the company is so friendly and helpful.

Being a brand ambassador for Tula Xll is more than just being part of a groundbreaking company and a paycheck. We truly are a family of brand ambassadors at Tula Xll helping one another succeed along the way.

We literally only have a few hundred reps in the United States, so this is a groundbreaking opportunity.

Tula Xii isn’t your typical planner. It’s a completely customizable planner. It is not just a calendar for keeping track of your appointments. There is so much more to track on a day to day basis. It really is a lifestyle planner — for appointments, goal setting, health and wellness (You know you need to be drinking more water and exercising more!), notes, work projects, business, home, diet and meal planning and so much more.

organizing system. there’s an insert for each aspect you’ll consider for your life ­ budgeting, weekly planning, daily appointments, goal setting, health and wellness, notes, projects, business, home, meal planning, and also the list goes on and on.

**I’m not sure if this company is still in business. I tried to go to their site and it timed out.

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Kits range from $49 to $149

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