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Our Scout & Cellar Representative is: Michelle Ryan

About Scout & Cellar by: Michelle Ryan

Scout & Cellar is a new wine company that is committed to clean-crafted wine. Our founder, a level three sommelier, sources wine from the U.S. and all over the world. We independently lab test the wine to certify that there are no added sugars, synthetic pesticides, or any of the over 300 FDA approved chemicals that are found in many mass-produced wines. Our wines are keto friendly, 40% fewer calories, but still have the same alcohol content and amazing taste. Currently, we have 5,000 independent consultants in the entire U.S., and we are growing! We sold over $20 million in our first year. People will always drink wine, and in a time when we are concerned about what we are putting in our bodies, Scout & Cellar is the first to bring certified clean-crafted wine.

How Much Does it Cost to Join?

$249 for the first year, which includes the independent consultant website, four bottles of wine, insulates wine carrier, wine opener, two posi pour, a vacu seal, two stoppers, a wine tasting book, and other business material. $99 website renewal/yearly.

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