Sell Candles From Home! Companies to Help You Get Started!

Sell Candles From Home
“Love candles? Sell candles from home and earn an extra income.”

Love Candles? Sell Candles from Home! Companies That Offer a Home Business

Candles are something that many people love. Myself included. Something about having a fragrant candle wafting through the air on a warm summer night makes me happy. According to, 3.2 billion dollars are spent on candles annually and 7 our 10 households use candles.

Are you the type of person who has a house full of candles and just cannot stop buying them no matter what you do? If this sounds like you, then maybe you should consider making some money off of your candle habit. There are many direct sales candle companies that would love to have you join their team and help them spread the word about their products. Just think about all of the benefits of becoming a consultant for a candle company. Not only would be able to get discounts on a product you love, but you would also be making money while working from home and enjoy a flexible work schedule. Many women run successful businesses that let them sell candles from home. Here are just a few of the direct sales candle companies out there.

List of Companies You Can Be a Rep For & Sell Candles from Home

1. Mia Bella Candles

Mia Bella Candles, or Scent-Sations, is a direct sales candle company that believes in selling high-quality candles. One thing that makes their candles different from some lower quality candles is that they use a soy-based wax. This results in a slower burning candle that smells much better. Mia Bella Candles are also very popular because they offer a wide assortment of candle scents.

2. PartyLite

PartyLite candles are one of the most well known direct sales candle companies around. And it isn’t hard to figure out why they are so popular. Not only do they offer many different types of decorative candles, but they also offer other products to their customers as well. And if scented candles are not what your clients are looking for, they offer an entire line of unscented candles. Not all direct sales consultants can say this when they sell candles from their home-based business. (Read More: Large List of Candle Direct Sales Companies that you can look over.)

3. Pink Zebra

One of the newer direct sales companies that sells candles is Pink Zebra. They have only been around for a few years and already have a large clientele that continues to grow. Perhaps it is the fun scents or how they are delivered. Something that this company does a bit different is to offer scented wax sprinkles. They also offer two different starter kits, one for $99 and another for $199.

4. Scentsy

Scentsy is not truly a direct sales candle company in the traditional sense, but that is only because they sell a very different type of candle. The reason that so many people are in love the products that Scentsy consultants sell is because there is no wick to worry about. The candles that they sell are wickless and require a warmer in order to work properly. These types of candles are really for those who are looking to add wonderful scents to their homes.

5. Celebrating Home Direct

While most people may think that this direct sales company is all about home décor, as a sales consultant you will quickly realize that they have much more to offer. One of those things is candles. Candles can do a lot to make a room more comfortable and beautiful at the same time. Something to consider when choosing between this company and others is that you may be able to earn up to 45% commission.

Sell Candles from Home and Earn!

There are many direct sales companies out there that offer candles as a way to earn. If you are truly into all things candles, then this is a great way to become involved in a business that you can passionate about and actually enjoy while you earn. Direct sales companies typically offer an affordable start-up fee for your kit and reasonable compensation plans. As well — you can earn commissions on what others sell that you bring into the business.

Candles Aren't Your Thing?

Maybe candles aren't something you're really interested in? That's ok — there are so many home businesses to check out. See the entire direct sales directory for more ideas! And remember, you might also have cash right in front of you! Yep, read my post, 12 Everyday Items to Sell for Quick Cash! You might be surprised that stuff you consider “junk” that's taking up space in your home or a storage unit is worth selling! Especially if you no longer want it.

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  1. Kelly Land says:

    Please refer to the companies listed in the post here. They offer home based candle businesses.

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  3. Hi. I want to start selling candles.

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    Hi, could you provide me information on selling candles with soy or beeswax, with more natural ingredients?

  5. hi i live in india, Hyderabad i would like to start making candles at home can you help me

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    That’s awesome you want to start your own candle business. You might reach out to one of the candle companies I have listed and see what opportunities and start-up options they have. I wish you success.

  7. I want to start my business from home to making fancy candles….. any lead plzzz

  8. Kelly Land says:

    Contact one of the companies I’ve listed :-) I don’t own a candle company. I’ve just provided companies that offer candle home business party plan start-ups and direct sales.

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    I Would love to start my online and small Sales business selling candles and accessories.

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    If you love candles — find a direct sales company that you think you’d like and that you can afford the startup costs (if any) — and go for it! So many folks love candles!

  13. hi i live in india, Andhrapradesh i would like to start making candles at home can you help me

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