Make $10 a Day Online – 6 of the Laziest Ways to Do It

Make $10 a Day Online

Make $10 a Day Online and Rack Up $300 Extra a Month

If you had to put in 15-30 minutes each day in your spare time to earn $10, would you?

I know it sounds like nothing, but $10 a day adds up over time. For many of us, an extra $10 in our pockets each day can be added to a savings account or used to pay necessary bills that may not be otherwise feasible. After all, $300 per month can easily build up a dwindling savings account, wipe out a car payment, or keep your gas tank full.

So, how can you make $10 a day online through minimal effort on your part? It may be simpler than you think. We’ve scoured the web and waded through the scams and B.S. to bring you the 6 laziest legit methods out there to pad your wallet.

Charge for Your Opinion

These days, you’d be hard-pressed to find a company or brand that isn’t chomping at the bit to know what you think of them. They’ll even pay you tell them! Taking surveys and polls are a quick and easy way to earn money in your daily downtime.

The busiest stages of motherhood often involve a lot of waiting. Whether you happen to be waiting for your daughter’s gymnastics to get out, waiting in the parking lot of your favorite pub for curbside carry-out, or simply waiting for your toddler to finish playing in the bathtub so you can wash him, dry him, and -if the stars align- get him to bed, you should have enough time to pound out a quick survey or two. This is how to make $10 a day using “wasted” or idle time that is earning you exactly zero right now.

There are so many ways to do this. Choose from top survey apps and sites like:

Harris Poll
Pinecone Research

Each survey platform has a slightly different method of paying you for your thoughts, so it is wise to shop around and find the one that works best for you.

Earn it One Task at a Time

Microtasking may be the latest loophole big corporations and companies have found to skirt having to pay minimum wage or adhere to fair labor laws, but it can work to your benefit as well.

In the immortal words of the enigmatic Willie Nelson, “If You’ve Got the Money, Honey, I’ve Got the Time.”

Here are the most lucrative microtask sites we’ve found.


Tasks, as well as pay scales, vary from platform to platform and also day to day, so if you crave variety, this is a great idea to break up your days. The one thing they tend to have in common is they are relatively easy, mindless and can generally be accomplished in less than an hour for between $5 and $10 a pop. That makes this option an easy way to add to that “making $10 a day online” goal.

Examples of typical tasks are transcribing audio files into text, tagging social media photos, or digitizing invoices or receipts.

Shake What Your Mama Gave You (aka: Highlight Your Special Skills!)

Ok, not literally… unless that’s your thing. No judgement here!

We’re talking about the wide- and ever expanding- world of freelancing.

What are you good at? Everyone has certain skills that just come naturally. No matter where your special talents may lie, chances are good that you can monetize them on a freelancing platform or two. Top freelancing sites include:


Of course, there are industry-specific sites depending on what you’re interested in doing. Conducting a quick google search of “Top freelancing sites for _________,” should leave you with several viable options. You might also want to consider tapping into the ever growing gig economy. See my list of 75+ Gig Economy Jobs that offer so much variety and typically flex schedules — you work when you want!

Try Your Hand at Writing

If you have a way with words and possess excellent spelling and grammar (or subscribe to grammarly), you may be surprised to find how lucrative it can be. Here are the most popular writing platforms:


Though writing content, blogs, slide decks, or reviews can be a bit more time-consuming, generally you have a few days turn-around time. These types of projects tend to pay anywhere from $20-60 (professional-level articles pay more), so completing one of these takes care of your earning goal for multiple days.

Shorter writing projects may include professional letter writing, B2B and B2C emails, and virtual brochures and website content, while less lucrative, will take less time.

Let your Camera Roll Rake In the Dough

Are you an aspiring photographer? Or perhaps it’s just a hobby. Either way, if you have an eye for photography, we’re betting you stand to rake in some extra dough with the photos you’ve already taken as well as the ones you take in the future.

InstaFeet (yes, these are feet pics)

As with most apps and sites, you’ll find the photos you take will sell better in some platforms than others. It’s important to know your niche. You can figure this out by browsing each site to see the kinds of photos that sell and compare them to the ones in your gallery.

Earn Cash Back for Shopping Online

While it seems counter intuitive to mention shopping in a post about earning money- not spending it- these sites will actually give you that sweet cash-money back on the purchases you already make. Why would you not do this?!

Here are the best ones we could find to help you make $10 a day online:

Giving Assistant

User beware: Not all cash-back shopping apps are created equal. There is a fair-amount of scamming happening in this niche. Though the above mentioned apps and sites are free to join and carry no hidden fees, that does not hold true across the board. Read the fine-print before installing one of these apps.

How Will YOU Make $10 a Day Online?

One of the most beautiful things about living on this crazy planet is that we are all unique and different. We all have different passions and talents, and what speaks to you may be someone else’s worst nightmare. In short, we know not every item on this list will benefit you, but hopefully you’ve found a few to try out. Finding ways to earn 10 dollars per day without investment online is certainly a tool to add to bumping up your income in a small way each month. There are even direct sales companies that are free to join and allow you to build your business online.

And before you go thinking $10 a day won’t get you far, consider the indisputable fact that $10 a day for a year amounts to over $3,500. Just think what you could do with that chunk of change if you saved it all! From beefing up your down-payment on a house, to padding your vacation fund, to putting away for the daunting idea of putting your kids through college, this idea could drastically improve your outlook on life. Check out my page that lists hundreds of ways to make money from home if you're looking for even more ideas.

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