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Magnetude Jewelry is a new company that has just launched our innovative line of unique and healthy interchangeable bio-magnetic jewelry. Our jewelry combines fashion and beauty with the amazing benefits of energetic wellness.

Our bases are embedded with far infrared (FIR), ‘negative ions’, and germanium. These help with speeding up healing and boosting your mood by increasing serotonin. Some of the other benefits and research are sited on our website and include:

~ Helps improve your strength, balance, and energy level
~ Assists in pain relief, flexibility and mood improvement
~ Helps improve blood circulation and metabolism
~ Speeds up the healing process
~ Protects your body against EMF’s.
~ May enhance the quality of rest, sleep and improve your sleep patterns.

Make 100's of combinations when you add the magnetic gems called ‘tudes' to our bases. ” Add a tude to match your attitude!” Dress them up or dress them Down!

How Much Does it Cost to Join Magnetude Jewelry?

Starter Kit cost ranges from $99.00 to $1000.00. Each kit contains a variety of bases, ‘tudes' and, business information depending on which one you choose.

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