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Jewelry Direct Sales

What is a Jewelry Party

A jewelry party is simply a way to sell jewelry and accessories outside of the traditional storefront. These can be parties in your home or they can be an online party, held virtually through social media platforms or a hostesses or hosts own website. Jewelry parties make shopping for jewelry a unique and convenient experience.

Many times, at these jewelry parties there are special offers or promotions for party guests or those placing their first order. Invitations are typically sent via email, text or through social media. Sometimes, a jewelry home party is simply neighbors coming over for light refreshments, socializing and shopping.

Jewelry parties are a nice alternative to flea markets and craft fairs for those already selling jewelry, yet still allow you to answer questions regarding your jewelry. 

Direct Sales Jewelry Companies

Direct sales jewelry companies have had massive appeal and growth in the last few years. Whether it's delicate earrings, bold necklaces or simple ankle bracelet – jewelry is something we all seem to love. But if you're someone that really loves jewelry and you're seeking a home business, then finding a direct sales jewelry company might be a perfect fit.

For years jewelry has been sold through direct sales, but now more than ever there are many, many companies to choose from. Some have been around for years, while others are brand new on the scene. And there is a huge variety. I'm always amazed when I come across a new company or a new line of jewelry in an older company. The designs and creativity are amazing. Just like painting or sculpture, jewelry design is an art and it's certainly something keeps evolving and changing. That's good news for all of us! And attending a jewelry party is often relaxing with our high pressure sales.

I've Attended Gatherings for Home Party Jewelry Companies!

I've attended a few home parties for jewelry, and though I wear little jewelry, I was very impressed and loved so many of the things I saw. There really is something for everyone – even someone like me that just likes delicate and simple little things. And every hostess said she was making real money to help with their family's monthly expenses.

In the past few years, there have been several charm-type opportunities and silver jewelry companies, these newer companies and the older companies offer wonderful, beautiful and unique items. As well – a huge variety of start-up kits, compensation plans and incentives.

Please enjoy this page and explore all the amazing jewelry direct sales companies and their opportunities and products. This page is updated often, so please come back often. If you're with a direct sales company that focuses on jewelry and you do not see it listed below, please feel free to contact me to let me know. I am happy to add a company. As well, we have exclusive rep listings that you can place using this form.

Direct Sales: Jewelry and Accessories

– From trendy jewelry to chic fashion accessories. Infusing global style trends and strict quality control measures to create beautiful, high-quality products.

– Newer home party plan for those interested in unique jewelry designs.

– Newer company. Their jewelry combines fashion and beauty with the amazing benefits of energetic wellness.

– On trend high-quality Fashion and Sterling jewelry.

– Made in the USA. Timeless jewelry with vintage quality.

– Jewlery with magnetic jewelry and design.

– Canadian opp. Fine fashion jewellery company, a pioneer in the social selling and creating entrepreneurial opportunities for women.

– Park Lane a long-time direct sales jewelry company, offers multiple kit options to meet any budget. Each kit contains a variety of on-trend jewelry samples and materials chosen with your immediate success in mind.

– Pesonalized, interchangable jewelry. Consultants receive a discount.

– Affordable trendy accessories and beads sold through Paparazzi parties.

– Vintage, unique designs at sensible prices.

-Base necklace, bracelet, earrings, or ring and then finish it off by snapping in a “dot” to personalize your look.

– Each piece of Touchstone Crystal jewelry is uniquely designed with first quality Swarovski crystals.

– Earn at least 25% from your sales while a woman around the world earns an income too! Handmade jewelry.

Direct Sales Jewelry Company Closing?

I wanted to mention the following companies just in case you landed on my page and are wondering where these independent jewelry sales companies have gone. As far as I can tell and where my research leads me, these companies are no longer in business and have officially closed their doors:

Charms About Me
South Hill Designs
Cookie Lee
Georgi Gemma
Simply You
Carin Bracelets
Jewelry in Candles
Lia Sophia
Sashay Jewelry
Premium High Designs
My Clique Jewelry
Bracelet Bay
Magnolia and Vine
Personally Poetic

I try to keep my list of home jewelry party companies as current as possible — but if I have missed something or gotten any of these wrong, just let me know and I will be sure to make the correction or at least look into it further!

5 Popular Jewelry Home Businesses You Can Start

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  1. Chloe+Isabel closed down over 2 years ago :(

  2. Kelly Land @MoneyMakingMommy.com says:

    Thank you for letting me know! I’ll get this page updated.

  3. Magnolia & Vine will be closing at the end of Dec 2019 & Chloe & Isabel closed at the end of July 2019. Just Jewelry also is in the process of closing up shop

  4. Lorri Nevil says:

    Origami owl has not filed bunkruptcy.
    I am currently from the beach at Punta Cana along with 300+ designers and their + 1’s that earned thus trip from Origami Owl. I have been with Origami Owl since 2015 and purchasing since 2013. They have not filed bankruptcy….whoever abo e siad they did is incorrect. The. Company is amazing.

  5. Desiree Morales says:

    Mialisia (South Hill Design) Is still working with the company Youngevity.

  6. I just stumbled upon your site and decided to look around. I noticed Origami Owl is not on your list here and then I saw the comment from Beverly stating that Origami owl has filed bankruptcy. That is not true. I have been with Origami Owl for almost 4 years and the company is doing very well. Just thought you’d like to know.

  7. Just a side note quite a few of these are no longer in business or no longer provide a business opportunity. Just in case you’re wanting to update your list to be more accurate for 2017. Silpada sold in 2016 and is no longer in direct sales. Origami Owl has filed bankruptcy. Carin Bracelets is no longer as well as Jewel Kade.

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