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Education and Teaching Direct Sales Companies

Companies That Sell Educational Products and Teaching Products

Direct sales companies that offer education or continued learning products are popular with parents and teachers. Rewarding in that you can help others further their education or learn a new skill. Many people love joining these types of direct sales companies when they have young children of their own because they receive a discount on the products and can allow their own children to use them.

This would be a great business for those that are already teachers or daycare providers. But of course, that's not a necessity. Being passionate about your products is really all you need. Most startup kits are affordable and allow you to be your own boss and set your own hours.

List of Learning or Educational Direct Sales Companies

– Educational programs are hosted by Emmy-nominated Rachel Coleman and can be seen on Nick, Jr. and public television.

– One of the well-known companies that sell educational products – award-winning educational books to parents, teachers, librarians and organizations.

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