Essential Oil Business and Aromatherapy Direct Sales (List)

Aromatherapy Home Business

Thinking about an essential oil business? Many are!

Wellness, holistic healing and eating organically have all become extremely popular over the last few years. I personally strive to eat organically — but can't always afford to. I am learning though through budgeting, couponing and using apps — that I can save money, lots of money. This, in turn, allows me to buy more organically and put more money toward debt etc. Personally, this gives me comfort in many ways. I am able to feed myself and my family healthier food. I am able to pay down stressful debt — and ultimately just my stress levels in general.

And I am ALL about crushing stress. There is simply too much of it in our modern day world.

That's how I got into aromatherapy. I found that scents really affected me and my mood. I noticed at first, that cinnamon scented candles burning lifted my mood. But candles burning can sometimes make me cough, especially in winter when the house is closed up. That led me to buy cinnamon essential oil and dabbing it here and there in my home. And I guess that finally introduced me to the world of essential oils because I started researching it more. I discovered all the health benefits and I've just been very excited in general about all the wonderful holistic areas that essentials oils can be used in our everyday lives.

Along the path of this discovery — I've met so many other moms and people that enjoy essential oils and are interested in using them and learning about them. I was delighted to see there are a lot of essential oil and aromatherapy home businesses out there! So I certainly want to share this and add it as part of the direct sales directory here at MoneyMakingMommy.com.

If you've thought about starting your own essential oil business or an aromatherapy business, please check out the list below of current companies offering a home business opportunity to get you started.

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Direct Sales Company List

– A wide variety essential oils and blends. We also have natural products for beauty, bath and your home.
Young Living Essentials Oils
– Essential oils, but also supplements, body care products and cosmetics.
– Home decor, diffusers, fragrance and essential oils. Launched in 2016.

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