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Share and sell what you LOVE! Earn up to 35% on sales, get paid every 2 weeks, amazing discounts up to 70%, free gifts and so much more!

At Initial Outfitters, we believe most people like you want to make a difference – to be part of something bigger than themselves. Honestly, that’s why we are here. Through personal development, a social outlet, extra income, or the thrill of meeting challenges, this business makes a difference in the lives of our consultants every day. That inspires us to be better. Together, we feed and educate children around the world by donating the profits from your purchases of lunchboxes and backpacks to our ministry partners. To date, we’ve built schools and funded 1.4 million meals through a program we call IO Loves.

Our boutique-inspired collection of personalized gifts and accessories literally offers something for everyone. Initial Outfitters consultants have fun helping their friends and customers create meaningful gifts that they are excited to give, offering pop-up boutiques, online, and social media sales! And yes, there is a lot of personal shopping that happens, too! Every season there are fresh new products, and this season is no exception. Many of these pieces are handcrafted by artisans, and are personalized specifically for you by our team of experts here in Auburn, Alabama.

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Join for as low as $29! Other join options at $39, $59, $99 and $199.

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