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Rediscovering Our Creative Roots


CHARLEEJACK DESIGNS was once a vibrant and thriving fashion label, producing high-quality and stylish designs for both men and women. However, after several years in the industry, we had to take a step back and re-evaluate our mission and purpose. We decided to take a break and refocus on our creative roots, in order to bring about a new and exciting vision that would help us to move forward.

Reinvigorating Our Brand

During our break, we took the opportunity to relook at our brand and develop a new vision for the company. This involved taking the time to reconnect with our creative roots and explore new ideas and concepts that would help to reinvigorate the CHARLEEJACK DESIGNS label. After months of hard work, we are pleased to announce that we are now ready to re-introduce the brand to the world.

Introducing Our New Collection

We are excited to share our latest collection with the world. Our new designs feature contemporary and stylish pieces that are perfect for any occasion. Our collection strives to combine both modern and classic elements, creating an aesthetic that is unique and timeless. We look forward to sharing our new designs and helping to bring the CHARLEEJACK DESIGNS label back to life.

UPDATE: It appears this company went out of business. If it was re-branded or sold and now under a different name, I cannot find any information on it. Please let me know if you discover anything different. I will update this page if/when I find further details.

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