Get Paid to Research Online [Internet Research Job List]

Get Paid to Research Online

Does a Work at Home Job as a Researcher Sound Cool?

Get paid to research online? It almost feels like many of us already do research online on a daily basis. If you use search engines, especially Google, a lot to look things up or find specific information, then perhaps you are already good at online research. When someone enters a keyword or key phrase in Google Search, it returns relevant search listings relevant to the keyword or key phrase. They use these search listings to find relevant information they are seeking. If you know how to use Google to find specific information faster than most people do, then you can use your online research skill to make money online in various ways as an online researcher. This article looks at different ways on how to get paid to research online.

Online Research Jobs from Home That Tap into Your Research Skills

If you like to do Internet research, then you can profit from your research skills in various ways. If you have excellent internet research skills, then all you need is fast internet connection to earn money by online research. If you have writing skills, and expertise in a certain area or more areas, then you can use your research skills more ways to make money online.

Some sites will pay you to answer users' questions (these require you to do research online). These sites will pay you to answer questions on different topics. If you have a well breadth of knowledge in a certain area, then it will be extremely helpful to profit from your online research skills. When you choose to answer a user's question posted to one of these sites, you will not only research the question for the answer, but also write the answer online. If you have knowledge in a certain area, these sites will pay you to research answers for questions and then write the answers via text message, live chat or email, depending on the site.

Some sites will pay you to just extract information from the web from them and this job requires you to do research online. A lot of virtual assistant jobs require to perform web research for doing a variety of tasks. So, you can choose to apply to virtual assistant jobs that may only require you to do web research based tasks.

Some clients will pay you just to find specific information online for them and this requires online research. They usually post Internet or web research jobs to online job boards and freelance sites.

Another way to find internet research jobs is to advertise or offer your internet research services via an online marketplace like Fiverr.

Different Ways to Find Internet Research Jobs

Here are different ways you can make money doing research online:

Wonder Offers Ways Get Paid to Research Online (
If you are an expert online researcher, then you can choose to become a Wonder Researcher with Wonder ( If your application is accepted, you can choose to claim jobs, i.e. questions posted by clients to a central dashboard. You can choose to answer questions that seem interesting to you. You will then do the research online to find the best possible resources online for answering the questions.

You get paid per research task you complete. The rate of pay for each task depends on the difficulty of the question, but Wonder Researchers will always know how much each question is worth in advance. Average pay is between $6.00 and $8.00 per answer. You get paid via PayPal twice monthly.

If you enjoy doing research on the internet using search engines like Google, there are companies and sites that will pay you for your online research skills. You can work part time or full time at home. If you have a wide breadth of knowledge and specific expertise in specific subjects, you can work as a freelance online researcher with Wonder to answer the questions submitted by their clients on the site.

10EQS (
Once you register on the site, you will be assigned to tasks based on your profile, professional details, interests, your specific field of knowledge, etc. 10EQS matches the tasks posted by their clients with your areas of expertise. You will solve problems to client tasks by finding 5+ links to high-quality sources and then answering the client's question or query. A large variety of renowned clients from around the world post tasks to this site.

You will earn money by solving for solving client tasks. Clients post tasks to a marketplace offered by 10EQS. You can gain access to this marketplace. When you will claim a task, you will perform research online to provide your expertise. Researchers get paid via PayPal, Payoneer prepaid MasterCard credit card and bank transfer.

Fancy Hands (
Fancy Hands hires virtual assistants to do a variety of tasks, including web research. Web research tasks typically include finding information about a particular business, company or website; finding information about a product or service; and performing other web research tasks. Keep in mind, this company hire virtual assistants, but you can simply choose virtual assistant jobs that require you to perform web research based tasks.

Web research jobs on freelance sites and online job boards
There are a few sites where you can find internet or web research jobs posted by clients from around the world. If you are a savvy web researcher, you could land internet or web research jobs on these sites. Freelance sites, such as Upwork, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, etc. and online job sites like and FlexJobs feature a lot of work at home web research jobs.

Simply register for an account with Upwork and other freelance sites and search for internet research jobs. If you are interested in any job, bid for the job. If the client accepts your bid, you will complete the job and get paid. The site will take a small fee off of your earnings. This fee varies (usually 20% if you earn less than $500 from a particular job) based on the amount of money you earn from a particular job or client. You can withdraw your income via PayPal, Payoneer, bank transfer, etc. and more ways.

There are many companies and individuals that do not need to hire for web research jobs on a regular basis, but do occasionally hire freelance online researchers through the sites, listed above. Register for free on the freelance sites to bid on web research jobs.

FlexJobs charges a small monthly fee to join and get access to its huge list of work at home jobs, including web research jobs. All jobs posted on this site are legitimate. If you want to search these jobs on, just make sure to type “Internet research” or “Internet researchers” in the search box or form and then put the word remote for your location to find work at home web researcher jobs.

Get Paid to Research Online for JustAnswer (
JustAnswer is a website where users post many different kinds of questions on different topics. Apply to become an Expert on JustAnswer. Once you sign up to the website, you will be able to answer these questions. Users post questions on a wide variety of topics with a price per question they are willing to pay for the answers. If your answer for a particular question is accepted, the site pays 20% of the user's payment for the answer.

You can answer questions in one or more of the site's 175+ categories if you are able to verify your credentials for your area(s) of expertise (requirements vary by category). You get paid via PayPal on the first business day of every month. The minimum payout threshold is $25. You will also earn $50 Amazon gift card for each referral.

Experts 123 (
People ask questions on various different topics on Experts 123. If you have good knowledge and expertise in a particular field or more, then search for questions people ask on topic(s) in area(s) of your expertise. You can choose from an ever-growing number of topics to do research questions and write answers on, depending on your area(s) of expertise. This is a great site that lets you earn money by sharing your knowledge with others.

You will earn via a revenue-sharing program, so the more questions you answer and the more traffic you get to your answers, the more you will get paid. By using your research skills, you can provide quality answers and get more people to read your answers. If you are good at online research, it will be easier to establish yourself as an expert with your writing skills and knowledge and qualify for per-post rates.

Perform web research through Clickworker
Clickworker is a microtask site where freelancers can find a variety of tasks to do online, including internet research. Once you sign up with Clickworker, you will need to show that you have the necessary skills in the areas you want to work by taking assessments in the areas of your expertise. If you pass the assessments, you will be able to claim jobs you have passed the assessments for from a list of jobs available.

If you have qualified for applying to internet research jobs, simply choose the jobs and complete them. Each job has different requirements and different payment amounts depending on time it takes to complete and the complexity of the job. You can withdraw your earnings via PayPal if your minimum account balance is 5 euro, i.e. around $5.50 once a week between Wednesday and Friday. Clickworkers from SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) can withdraw their earnings via their bank account once a month.

Offer your web research service via Fiverr
Fiverr is a very popular online marketplace for people needing help with various tasks done and for freelancers looking to get hired for their services. If you are good at online research, you can join Fiverr as a Seller and then create a gig or more to offer up your services as an Internet researcher. You will specify what services you will offer in each gig description.

The minimum pay rate you can ask for to offer your service is $5, but you can include add-ons to earn more from your services. Once you have been hired for a few internet research jobs, you can increase your rate per assignment. Fiverr is a great site to earn money by offering a wide variety of services to clients from around the world.

How much money can I make for doing research online?

It is possible to work full-time doing various types of web research jobs online and earn a living, but your earnings potentials totally depend on how much effort and time you put in, the area(s) of your expertise, and site or sites you have registered on. You will perhaps not be able to make full-time income by doing research online alone, but you can easily earn some extra cash every month doing it.

My Final Thoughts on Get Paid to Research Onlin

If you have good online research skill, then you can use it to earn extra cash from home online easily every month. Sign up with the sites, listed above, if you want to make money from home doing research online. Keep in mind, you should consider these sites as an extra source of income. If you have good online research skills, and consider yourself knowledgeable in a certain area, then internet research is a great to work from home and make money online.

See other ways to make extra cash.

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