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Earn Money Tutoring at Cambly

The days when the only way anyone could earn a decent living while working out of their home office was writing website content have faded. While writing content continues to be a great source of at home income, tutoring has also proved to be good for your checking account. It’s a fairly simple way to earn a reliable income. One of the companies that’s routinely looking for freelance contractors who are willing to work as translators is Cambly.

Cambly is a company that offers tutoring services to the entire world, and they’re actively seeking out people who can help. I feel it’s only fair to tell you that while they work with a variety of languages, right now Cambly is most interested in native English speaking tutors. Although knowing another language can be helpful when speaking to students, it is not required.

The great thing about Cambly is that it was created by two people, who were formerly employed by Google and have great computer and internet skills, who long for a world where everyone can communicate with one another. They believe that the fastest way to learn a new language isn’t in the classroom, but rather to have people talk back and forth to one another. (See my post, Online Tutoring Jobs – Work From Home for even more cool jobs like this one.)

What the Job Entails

Unlike some other companies that offer tutoring services over the phone, Cambly relies on the use of webcams, something that comes built into most newer computer systems. The chat sessions you take part in are very short and for the most part, don’t have very many rules. It’s a great job choice for anyone who is outgoing, quick to engage others, and doesn’t mind small talk. The exact length of each session is determined by the student you’re speaking to. Some only want to talk for a few minutes, keeping the costs down, while others stay in the chat session for as long as an hour, and possibly longer.


The great thing about Cambly is that you’re free to take as many or few shifts as you like, and you can work any time of the day or night. When you log into your account with the intention of connecting to a student, you should plan on staying logged into your account and being ready to chat for a two-hour shift. Cambly scores a 4.2 on Glassdoor, which is really good on a 1-5 scale.

How Much Will You Earn?

The one thing I don’t love about Cambly is the pay. It’s on the low side. The amount of money you earn per minute of tutoring is $0.17 which sounds like a lot, but when all is said and done, only adds up to a little over $10.00, and that’s only if you’re able to chat for the entire hour. The pay makes Cambly a nice egg to add to your income opportunities basket, but you shouldn’t consider it your main source of income. Cambly pays via PayPal, two times a month, provided you’ve earned at least $20.00.

Getting Started

Before you can join Cambly’s tutoring pool you’ll have to provide some information and record a test video that will allow the company to gauge your skills and personality and decide if you’ll be a good match. The good news is that you’re allowed to record the videos as many times as you like until your happy with the final results.

Final Thoughts

Most tutors find Cambly a really fun way to earn money because the job is basically just to casually chat with people from around the world, thereby helping them practice English. There's no set curriculum and no experience is necessary – you just have to be a friendly, engaging conversationalist. It's good for those who love new people and are curious about learning about other parts of the world. Get Started: Cambly

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