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I am what some might call a clean freak. So be it. I know… cobwebs can wait, kids grow up. Really, I do. But I just like a clean house. I like it to smell clean, look clean and be clean. Of course, selling cleaning products isn't the same as cleaning your house. After all, the products don't do the work without elbow grease – but if you enjoy cleaning, or are particular about cleaning products – then a cleaning supply home business might be right for you.

There are companies that offer cleaning supplies as a home business. Some companies offer environmentally safer products or products that are less toxic. Many are passionate about this topic and refuse to use anything but all natural cleaning supplies. I think that's awesome – and I am sure it's very economical too! But just to cover all bases and appeal to everyone, I have a list below of direct sales companies that focus on household cleaning products.

I'm always researching and looking for companies in this category, so I update when I do. If you don't see a company on this list, please let me know and I will look into adding it.

List of Cleaning Supply Direct Sales Companies

– Cleaning products to help reduce the amount of chemicals in homes.

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