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If you are interested in Direct Sales Company, let me tell you first that at Premier we call ourselves a Direct SERVICE company. We are a biblical-based company focused on servicing and valuing other ladies. Second, since you are here I would like to educate on Premier and WHY we are different from other direct sales companies:

1. We make 50% off of our retail. It is not based on production or what you group does.
2. We have no inventory. There is no incentive to carry inventory! Home Office keeps it!
3. We do not have freight days or deliveries. Premier pre-packages our orders and delivers it straight to the hostess. Premier ships all the orders for us FREE!!! A lot of the other companies do not do this! We have no extra fees
4. We have no sales reports or call-ins! We don't have to call our upline every week and we don't have to call our downline. We are able to work with them in our way.
5. Premier tracks what our downline does!! And on the 10th of every month they are going to send us a print out of all the activity!!! Even if you haven't sponsored, Premier is going to send you this information
6. We do not have territories! We can go anywhere we want to as long as we are willing to service our customers.
7. We have 800#s to our Home Office. There are companies out there that not only you cant call in FREE but you cant call their corporate office until you reach a certain level.
8. *** Premier files your state sales tax! This is a legal liability that Premier takes care of this for us!
9. We have no managers or directors over us pushing us!! You set your own goals! You have three people above you that have an equal investment benefit in your success.
10. There are no break-aways or promote outs! No one is going to break out from under you so that you don't make commission on them anymore. There are many other companies that have a 75% gauge: You want 75% of their potential so they don't break out from underneath you b/c if they reach their full potential you lose them! We only benefit from our downline promoting.
11. We get 10% off the first person we sponsor.
12. We get 10% three generations deep! Thus you are there and available to your downline structure b/c you benefit.
13. Every show day is a PAYDAY! We get paid upfront. A lot of companies do not let the distributors get their money until several weeks after the fact. These companies don't even trust their reps
14. *** Premier is service oriented rather than bottom line focused. B/c Premiers focus is to enrich every life that we touch, people are more important than our profits. B/C Premier is debt free t
15. *** People are most important asset. We are people driven not product or profit driven.
16. *** People are out making money for themselves, by selling a product rather than spending money on inventory! We don't have to push or pressure our downline to buy inventory so that we don't lose our commission or lose a car, etc.
17. Premier has no corporate debt!!! The only thing at the home office that they don't own is the computers and software b/c it is outdated in a matter of a year so they lease them.
18. Premier is a privately held company! Pre-Paid Legal, Herbal Life, Mary Kay, Arbonne, Pampered Chef, etc. they are all public companies. Premier, therefore, makes its own policies…not shareholders.
I hope this information helps! Call me if you want to discuss further.

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