At Home Proofreading Jobs [Free Workshop to Learn More]

Proofreading Jobs: Free Workshop

Dreaming of an At Home Proofreading Career? This Free Workshop Offers Insight!

I KNOW many of you love the idea (and dream of it!) of working anywhere. By earning an income that you can live off of and yet travel, or have a schedule that allows you to have complete family/work balance. Why wouldn't we all want that (and deserve it too ahemmm…)!

At home proofreading job leads are one of the leads that I see my readers and subscribers gravitate toward on my Work at Home Job Board. That why I think you'll really love Caitlin's story. She earns a living at home proofreading. And not just at home either. She's able to travel as well. And I love that sometimes, she even does her proofreading work on her iPad!

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If having the same type of at home proofreading career appeals to you, but you're not sure where to begin – I have something to share with you.

Please pop over to Caitlin Pyle's FREE workshop page on Proofreading careers. Caitlin has been teaching proofreading to hundreds of people just like you and me. And she practices what she preaches. She is a full time proofreader working from home (or wherever she's currently traveling to!).

This workshop/webinar is about 76 minutes long and completely FREE! You are not obligated to buy anything or sign up for anything. It's simply to share with you some insight on moving toward a career as a proofreader.


Proofread At Home Free Workshop

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