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I ADORE purses. It's one of the few things I will splurge on. For those that love purses as well, this is a list of home businesses that you can start that focus on purse parties and selling handbags and accessories. Because handbags are somewhat essential for most women, this could be very lucrative for those passionate about the products they are selling.

Some companies provide personalized items or storage items which make great gifts or handy stocking stuffers. But in any case, I have added them to the handbag and purse section of the site because I think they would appeal to folks looking for info in this area as well.

I keep an eye out for any new direct sales companies that fall into the “bag” category – so this page is updated often. However, if you don't see a company listed or you're a rep for a company and wanted it added to the directory, don't hesitate to fill out the following form.

Check Out the List of Purse and Handbag Home Businesses Below

– They offer a wide variety of items, but also totes, handbags and purses too.

Hey!! I want to be listed on this page in your direct sales directory?! Tell me how!

Want to be listed in the Purses and Handbags section as well? You can! It's easy. All you have to do is fill out this form.


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  1. Misty L Martin says:

    I would like to know how I can add purses to my selling résumé. I am a serial entrepreneur.

  2. Laurie Norton says:

    Interested in selling cute handbags from home

  3. Robin Johnson says:

    Like to sell purses or hand bags or like a list of different candle companys.

  4. Connie Pirtle says:

    I am a Teacher

  5. I would like to start a business of hand bags n accessories

  6. Deborah Perrson says:

    I’m interested in work from home small startup fee

  7. Rhonda R. Hudgins-Bundy says:

    Both Miche and In a Pickle have gone out of business. There’s a new company in the US now from France, “Maison Gaja”. I’m not a part of the company, but am closely connected to their US operations team.

  8. Nomakhwezi says:

    I would like to stock purses and wallets from your business and sell them in my city.How do I go about it?

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