Money Making Mommy – FAQ

Your Most Asked MoneyMakingMommy.con Questions Answered Here

1. Who is MoneyMakingMommy? Is it a person? A business? is owned by Kelly Land. Kelly Land is a work at home mom. See more about Kelly here in our Media Room.

2. How long has been around?

Since 1999.

3. Can or Kelly Land get me a work at home job?

Simply put, no. Kelly does not hire people nor is a hiring agency. The site provides free information about work at home.

4. How do I use the site to find work at home?

Please see this helpful guide for using the site.

5. Why should I look for jobs here? Why should I trust this site?

Kelly works at home herself and has researched work at home since 1992. Yep – WAY back when. “I started selling Avon in my early 20's and then again in my late 30's. I am always looking for trustworthy ways to make an income from home. I just choose to share what I find with everyone. “ has been featured in women's magazines and Kelly has also been part of an expert work at home panel for Woman's World. She's been interviewed by several newspapers and even been interviewed by ABC News affiliate WLOS. Recently she was even interviewed by an Argentina magazine! So she's global now!
“Though I can't afford to be a member of the local Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau (which gives you an automatic F if you're not a member — very unfair), I have no reason to believe there would be a complaint if I were. I don't do anything under-handed and I am transparent about affiliate links or paid reviews. There are ads on my site served by third parties, but I disclose that in my disclaimer and there is a link to my disclaimer on every page of the site (excluding the forum.) I also have a privacy policy. I have a contact form as well. I used to have an 800# but I had to discontinue this for a few reasons. 1. Too many calls, all day and all night from not just solicitors, but from people asking me to find them a job. Though I sympathize and care… I simply cannot consult in that capacity. Everything I know or find about work at home is on my site. 2. Though it wasn't a fortune, I simply no longer wanted to incur the cost.”

6. Is there a staff at

Nope. It's just Kelly. Well, her Maine Coon cat (Veda) likes to lounge on her desk – so if you want to count her as staff, sure. But she doesn't do much but purr and sleep. (Also… there is a new kitten! Mia.)

7. I'm desperate for a work at home job – you have no idea! HELP ME!

Yes… I do. I've been there. And I still struggle DAILY to make ends meet. With the economy getting suckier by the minute, it worries me constantly. And I wish I had a great answer. I wish I had a job to hand you. But I don't. EVERYTHING I find on work at home employment is HERE on my site. Go through the site – each link on the left has something to offer, even to those not living in the United States that want to work at home. Also — see me post, If YOU Need a Legitimate Work at Home Job Right NOW.

8. I want to interview Kelly.

Sure – sounds good! Just contact me and if I can make it work, I will. Nothing weirdo though.

9. I want Kelly to review my work at home company or money making program.

I can do that. BUT it has to be something that's legit. I don't review get-rich-quick crap. I can smell it a mile away. I also need access to the program or actual employees that I can interview. I do NOT review direct sales companies. We have a direct sales directory for reps that are with companies to do that.

10. My Advice/Thoughts to Anyone Looking for Work at Home

NO ONE is going to HAND you a job. That's the harsh reality. I have never been handed a job offline or online. I had to work for it. Meaning apply, submit a resume – step up and be professional. Some jobs I had to train for or learn something. If I couldn't afford the class, I taught myself. I have invested YEARS of my life in learning how to even create and run THIS website.

There are NO magic programs out there that are going to make you rich. Can you make some money online? Yes. See my entire section on Making Extra Cash. There are great home business ideas out there – but you HAVE TO WORK to have success. You see where I am going with this? There is no free lunch. Work is work whether it's at home or in an office building or a factory. Working at home and earning a living at it is JUST as hard and stressful (if not more) than going TO a job outside the home. Pick your poison and then achieve it.

Arm yourself with basic tools. Websites like this one that posts telecommuting jobs and freelance jobs are a good start. Coupled with that – a decent resume and cover letter. Be professional – always. The internet is not a “lounge” when it comes to job hunting. Casual, typo-ridden emails aren't going to get you jack. Nada, zilch, zippo.

Check out some of the online courses and classes that I recommend or have taken myself. They really are helpful and in many ways changed my entire outlook and helped me achieve a better understanding of what I want and how to get it.